For some boudoir posing you can you can ask the client to move her position or you can simply change your camera angle to minimize overall size or conceal a particular area. For more boudoir posing tips and techniques, get your copy of the  Boudoir Posing Guide in the store today ! Looking for ways to stand out from the competition and build the business you’ve always dreamed of? Master portrait photographer Sue Bryce, who makes everyday people look like professional models, recently hosted a workshop on creativeLIVE. Since there was so much information, we decided to discuss some of her techniques from this workshop in separate posts. She says that many photographers make the mistake of instructing their clients to lift their chin.
Sue also uses a "chin pan" -- she holds out her hand flat, palm facing up -- to direct a client's chin. There are typically three types of hands in an image: fist, claw (imagine hands like a claw), and thunderbird (hands flat and rigid).
It's also important to sit the hands after sitting the pose because hands have a mind of their own.
When women flirt, they touch different parts of their body that they want to draw attention to.

She directs her clients to touch various parts of the body around the diamond, such as the hair, neck, waist, and hips. The problem is that most people lose the connection when she picks up the camera, so she first sets the pose.
In our next post, we'll go over Sue Bryce's tips on styling, hair, and makeup for gorgeous portrait photographs. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Your one stop resource for articles, tutorials and techniques concentrating on the art and business of boudoir photography. This elongates the neck, defines the jawline, makes the eyes look bigger, and takes off 10 pounds from the face. What happens is that there is no definition in the chin line and it also makes the eyes smaller. She demonstrated by standing sideways to the camera, turning her face to the camera, and then lifting the shoulder closest to the camera. Sue always tries to create shape in her photos by having her clients move their hips to one side.
Sue demonstrated a diamond shape, from the top of the head to the shoulders to the point under the chest, and said to keep this area open.

Then she directs her clients to look down so it "resets" their facial expression and relaxes their mouths. She likens the look to how women look at themselves with a "mirror face" when no one is watching. A 25-lesson online course with transcripts to take with you wherever you go, this course is everything you never knew you didn’t know about building an irresistible marketing campaign. Sue discussed posing techniques, hair and makeup, Photoshop, and the business side of photography. Sue instructs her models to form "ballet hands" and automatically people relax their hands. Their face is completely relaxed, they are smiling very slightly, and they have a twinkle in their eyes.

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