Austin Fine Art & Glamour photograph is literally just that, it is fine art glamour or fine art beauty photography.
With an extensive background in visual fine arts and painting, I apply the basic principles of visual fine arts to take photographs that integrate you into a work of art. My photographs are not your typical glamour shot taken against white or black backdrop in a studio. My basic philosophy is providing excellent service to clients at a reasonable and competitive fee and ultimate the highest quality photographs possible.
Before photography was invented, people would hire professional artists and painter to create portraits. The series I’d like to show here was the final project for one of my university classes on portrait photography. The idea was to capture the aesthetics of the human body and portray a person at the same time just by showing different parts of his body. AboutKai Behrmann498 POSTS7 COMMENTSsash0 POSTS0 COMMENTSTop Photography FilmsOnline photography magazine providing videos, interviews and essays to promote photographic ideas and stimulate visual creativity. Today I wanted to share something a bit different than we normally do and give you a few makeup artist tricks of the trade.

Instead, I do on location photo shoots at different strategic locations around the Austin area to integrate you fully into setting which will enhance your natural beauty. Compared to a typical glamour shot type service, my clients receive better quality, greater quantity, more quickly and it cost less. Pin up shoots are usually themed, cute, naively innocent with a tiny hint of sexual suggestion. Why not shoot a series as an homage to your favorite photographer and adding your personal note? I decided to shoot the images in black and white with a neutral background to strip the scenes to the core and to only show the absolute necessary. Finding those right color palettes for your skin may be the biggest challenge in getting the perfect makeover. This is a fun eye color because I have found that it can be the most versatile of all eye colors. The meagerness of the artist’s personal details is more than made up for by the incredible amount of detail to be found in his art work.
Sometime times this style is shot with the same lighting and posing as art implied nudes or art nudes.

Today I’m going to do a run thru of different eye colors and what eyeshadows that make them POP!
Depending on if yo have more on the green side of hazel or more on the honey side of hazel depends on which colors to make them pop. In order to direct the attention directly to the facets I wanted to stand out and to emphasize the texture and radiance of the skin I opted for a soft and subtle lighting arrangement. And to achieve a great sense of visual harmony and balance in the images, I put special emphasize on placing the lines and points of interests as a means of photographic composition. The secret to this is always pick just one shade lighter or one shade darker than your eye color and POP!

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