When it comes to black and white portrait photography, I will always try to keep it simple. I want to convert the photograph into black and white, so I will make sure all the element are there, I mean, I need something that have texture, so I choose to wear my son with knitting head gear and I need a very good shadows and highlight, so I need to choose where I should position my son, he can’t walk just yet, so I can position him wherever I want. The head gear really help to frame my son face, so the focus will go straight to his face and I’m glad that I manage to captured his  candid expression and that moment really make this picture quite special to me as a father. I’m glad that this picture of my son has been featured among 100 stunning examples of  Black and White Photography. Few things in life can be as rewarding as photographing babies- after coaxing an expression of cherubic joy - caught with a click.
For the best baby shots, photograph during the daytime when there is plenty of natural daylight. Simple baby shots are usually the best; there is no need for cluttered or overly bright backgrounds. To take memorable pictures try to capture the baby engaged in an activity, or with family and friends. As well as a good camera, a standard lens of around 50mm is a good tool for baby portraits.
Babies offer a great opportunity for creating beautiful and treasured photographs, though they are by no means an easy subject!
Steve McCurry is one of the most successful and respected living photographers in USA.He continued in photojournalism on graduation, and in 1978, having saved a bit of money, was drawn to the visual possibilities of India. Why would you choose to create black and white photographs in the era of digital cameras that are capable of accurately capturing millions upon millions of colors?
If you have trouble imagining how an image may look in black and white, try setting your camera to a monochrome setting. Here is an exercise you can do with your portrait subjects to get a mixture of great expressions.
When it comes to lighting a black and white portrait image, there are no hard and fast rules.
If you’re going to create high contrast black and white photos, the best advice is to add it with light, not in Photoshop.
This can be a difficult concept to understand without seeing it, so I have included an example of a color version of one the images above. Hopefully, you can see that even though bold colors can make for vivid imagery, their absence can as well. If you’re new to black and white photography, do remember that these are guides and not rules. Yes, things have colour; but for the photographer the question is what job is the colour doing in the picture?
And, for the love of whatever deity you follow, don’t do that overdone thing where you leave part of the shot in colour. In fact in the second image I saw the eyes first and in the last one image, I saw the pink hair first! If that’s not possible, you can try to do your conversion in Photoshop with a Gradient Map adjustment layer. It will darken the blue significantly for a much sharper contrast in the look of the image. Hi Mary, as a voracious consumer of black and white film myself, I do understand your views on the matter.
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Look for something that have texture, pattern, shadows and highlight, keep your photograph simple, this is among the things that will make a great black and white subject.
There are maybe million of black and white photography on the internet but to make it among the 100 is a pleasure even though it comes from a personal blog but I’m quite happy to be among the hundreds. Here are some easy steps you can follow to take the perfect portrait of the apple of your eye.
Dona€™t be afraid to keep the camera shooting rather than waiting for that perfect pose or moment because somewhere in 30 consecutive shots will be one winner.
This can include making funny faces, playing hide and seek from behind a piece of cloth, or making goofy clucking noises. A great way to get a photo that looks professional is to get some white, grey or beige cloth and lay it over two chairs. Siblings, especially if they are close in age can add extra interest to the photograph a€“ get them playing together, eating or interacting as friends.
Turn the mode dial to AV (Aperture Priority) mode and select a large aperture for a soft and blurred background. It proved a pivotal experience; the inspiring diversity of colour, life and activity prolonged a six week trip to a two year adventure. A good black and white treatment has a way of stripping unneeded information from an image, helping you to emphasize specific elements to your viewer without the distractions color can provide. Like any technique, there are considerations that you should regard that can help to make sure your images have the most impact. If you can start the creation of an image knowing that you intend it to be black and white, you can take steps to ensure that all of the elements of a good monochrome image are in place before you press the shutter. If you like high contrast images with hard gradations in tone, then choose a harder source of light.
If you’re not sure what yours is, try finding the first ten black and white portraits that stand out to you the most and see if you can deconstruct them in terms of lighting. Small global adjustments are okay and won’t hurt your images, but definitely do not crank the contrast slider to 100. A black and white treatment will often emphasize the flaws that made you question the image in the first place, and a bad photo is a bad photo regardless of its color scheme or lack thereof. If you need to stray from them to get the result you’re after, do so without hesitation. It’s a matter of how the photograph looks, not how the things depicted appear in the real world. I have tried several techniques from lighting to post process, but can’t seem to be happy with the end result. Use one for the initial conversion, then create a second one and adjust the sliders until your greys are where you want them.
But try taking a picture of a building against a solid blue sky during midday with a yellow filter (or apply a yellow filter in post processing). You mean you could not stretch to include the original black and white — which is the real black and white. I regularly use all nine of my working film cameras and find myself using them more as time goes on. Black and white will not work well for every picture, only certain picture will really look great if we convert in into black and white photography. No matter how good we are at black and white editing, without the right elements, it won’t look great.
Use window light if possible and avoid the harsh sun because it tends to casts shadows and is also unhealthy for the babya€™s skin. Therea€™s nothing worse than capturing a great moment that is slightly blurry because the shutter was too slow.

He travelled throughout the Subcontinent, exploring India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Things like contrast in tonality, contrast in lighting, and appropriate expressions from your subjects are all elements that are difficult, if not impossible, to fix after an image is taken. Doing this will allow you to have an idea of how an image will work in black and white, while still providing the highest amount of versatility in post-production. The words you choose can be simple descriptors of emotion like: love, sad, joy, angry and melancholy. Bright, punchy colors obviously make for vivid color photos, but by removing the color element you can completely change how a subject or scene is perceived. Some people do like it and in that event it’s my job to make them as happy as possible. But Steve McCurry does do a lot of work in black and white and it’s as good as you’d expect from him! An easy way to check is to look at your histogram and look for high peaks towards the left and right with a big dip representing the mid-tones. Use the layer mask on the second layer to paint back in the shadow and highlight detail that that second layer will have obliterated. However, the reason I didn’t mention film in this article is because this website is dedicated to digital photography techniques and as such, it does not fall into my remit to do so nor does it relate to a great many of the readers. When I took this picture of my son in 2008, I have a clear idea, what the photograph will end up to be, I mean the finished product. Use continuous shooting mode on your camera to capture 2, 3, 4, or 5 photos in a couple of seconds.
When shooting in monochrome consider contrast; black and white backgrounds will be the most striking, and contrast in the lighting will also give a dramatic effect.
A beanbag rather than a tripod is great for stabilizing your camera and getting down on the ground to a baby's level, and a silver or white reflector is ideal for bouncing light so that it is soft and flattering. Steve McCurry has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than thirty years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world to his name.
With the omission of color, a black and white image often breaks down into graphic forms and shapes. Things like a raised eyebrow, a twitch at the corner of a mouth, and smile lines under the eyes can all be used to great effect.
For more diverse expressions try more abstract words, or funny ones like: cheeseburger, politics, Teletubbies or Hulk smash. When you want to ensure your viewer is focused on a particular element, color as a graphic element, can become a distraction.
Do you feel differently or think differently of it when you view it in color than in black and white? I do share a similar enthusiasm for the medium of film, but that’s an article for another place and another time. As a bonus, this sometimes works extremely well to lighten the mood when you have a subject who’s tense or nervous during a sitting. Use the auto settings to make sure you get a sharp image, and let the camera choose flash if it is necessary. A chaperone or helper will make all the difference so that you can focus on capturing the best moments.

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