Sleepless nights for new parents could soon be a thing of the past, due to the success of a revolutionary new invention by a leading group of obstetricians in France. Proven to improve the quality and length of your little one’s sleep, it also helps to prevent many of the concerns that parents have about their newborns in the first couple of months.
The CocoonaBaby nest by Red Castle was first developed for premature babies, but has since been recognised as a must-have design for all newborns.

The design slightly elevates your baby’s head, and places their knees slightly higher than their hips, putting them in a position recommended by pediatricians for optimum digestion and reducing the risk of gastric reflux. The design, which is used in maternity wards across Europe, also reduces the likelihood that your baby will be woken by the Moro (startle) reflex, and will develop a flattened head, something which is increasingly recurrent among babies laid down on a flat surface.

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