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If all along, in your daily life, you have been doing and saying the things correctly without holding any prejudice or hatred against anyone, any brand or any society, you shouldn’t be worrying too much about making mistakes on social media.
This is because from the start, you don’t have any intention to bring down anybody at all.Be fundamentally correct3. Share free language content with your readers with the German Word of the Day with Audio Widget.
Your friends and the public will have the perceived image of you, your character and your credibility from all your posts, your pictures and video links on social media.Some people may argue that they are a completely different person in social media than what they are in their daily life.

However, it does not mean that, they could offend anybody or any group just like that by saying what they like.Just remember this. Like it or not, you have to be responsible for that.You are responsible to take care of your own brand in social media4. Respect your audience Social media communication is like looking at your reflection on the mirror; when you smile, your reflection smiles back at you. Don’t be too defensive At times, while you are doing things correctly on social media, you might also encounter some negative untrue comments about you or your company. Hence, the bottom line is, always treat your audience with a lot of respect on social media so that you will also earn the respect from others as well.Smile, and it will smile back at you2.

However, try not to be too defensive.Being defensive on social media is a bad ideaBeing defensive on social media, will make things worse and it will further aggravate your credibility.
What you should do is to, quickly delete the posts, ban the users, mark them as spam and report their violation to the administrator.6. Your social media behavior somewhat tells people a lot about your attitude, your thinking and all the actions you do in life.

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