Yesterday, Alicia Gould, a top newborn photographer, wrote a post called “So You Booked a Newborn Photography Session.
Now to lighten the right side so that it matched better, I used the free Photoshop action Touch of Light. I used the overexposure fixer layer from Vanilla Ice Cream to bring back detail in the whites.  The dark areas seemed a tad too dark still. Free DSLR camera, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements tutorials along with great DIY photography tips by talented  professional photographers! Terms & Conditions •• All photographers submitting the I Heart Faces Photo Challenges, grant the rights to display their photo on this website.
I Heart Faces is a photography blog with monthly photo challenges, free photography tips and tutorials.
Each month all levels of photographers have the opportunity to submit a face photo into a themed photo challenge.
Download your free Photoshop templates here, and be sure to stop by Bittersweet’s Facebook page for more promotions! ABOUT BITTERSWEETBittersweet Design Boutique creates professional marketing templates for photographers & creative entrepreneurs.

About BittersweetBittersweet Design Boutique creates photo marketing templates, photography magazines, affordable logos & premade branding kits for professional photographers & creatives.
I am so thankful for the opportunity to have guest-posted (that’s a verb, right?!) on Michelle Kane’s blog last week.  There are several actions in her action sets that are great for newborn skin, and I put together a tutorial on dealing with newborn skin using her actions.  Hop on over to her site and check it out!!  Thank you so much, Michelle! It did not cover the entire space, and there was a strong vignetting on the right side of the photo. I did that this time as well.  I used the Vanilla Ice Cream Photoshop action from the Quickie Collection to convert to black and white.
In the future would you see if the photographer will allow you to post a link where we can download the photo and follow along?
More to the point, don't leave comments about your blog, product or service on our participants websites. You can offer this template to clients as a printed holiday card, or update the text and use this as a marketing piece for mini sessions and holiday promos.
A husband and wife team, Rose & Thomas work from their studio apartment in the heart of San Antonio's Pearl district with their two Boston Terriers, Pepperoni & Meatball.
We create quite a few photo birth announcements and many of the photos we receive could benefit from slight photo retouching.

Her work is beautiful and her advice extremely helpful for those wanting to break into the newborn portrait market. Editing in Photoshop, I opened the image and went to work.  I started by using the Content Aware Fill feature on the left side where it was dark brown.
You will notice that this triangle serves as a Christmas tree, arrow, and divider between the different text areas. We are always happy to show off this talented photographer’s work, especially around the holiday season. I used the lasso tool to make the selection, overlapping on the blanket and surrounding the entire brown corner.
Within each photography template, I think about how each section of the design can stand alone as well as relate to the other card panels.

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