Photoshop is a very versatile graphics software and one of the things that it can do is creating beautiful artworks and illustrations. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a complex glowing wallpaper using Photoshop.
Since it’s nearing Easter time, here’s how you can use some Photoshop techniques to paint Easter Eggs and make your final design into wallpaper.
In this tutorial you will learn how to combine basic colours, shapes and brushes to create eye catching kaleidoscope poster in Photoshop CS5.
This tutorial will show you some techniques that can help you create cool wallpapers, advertisements, or many other graphics. Learn how to use Warp tool plus to create great looking abstract shapes to decorate your design in a really simple procedure. Create abstract colorful illustration using simple tools and techniques like Ellipse Tool, Brush Tool, Gradient Tool, Layer Style, etc. Make an abstract colorful background with bokeh effect using Photoshop’s drawing tools, blending modes, and lighting techniques. Following this tutorial, you will learn how to draw different shapes, apply gradient, blend different shapes in the background, and more – all to create an abstract glowing background. In this Tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Cosmic Typo Wallpaper using some nice textures and layer styles also creating a custom typo in Illustrator.
This task we’ll see how is it possible to represent the vector wallpapers, create your own brushes and use different layers.
This lesson will show to you as by means of simple actions to create a beautiful and interesting wallpaper. This tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful under water scene using brushes and custom shapes in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to get one very interesting mosaic effect in Photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to create an abstract background image using Photoshop only. This tutorial will show you how to create abstract Windows 7 wallpaper using Adobe Photoshop basic techniques. Last week I had posted an article about Photoshop Masters, it was really good to see their works and how they used the tool to achieve those amazing effects. Fabio Sasso I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer. So, just pick your favorite wallpapers, click on it and pay him a little visit to download full resolution images, because these are totally worth it. The wallpaper of this week is an amazing image created by Mostafa Abdelmawla, a 22 years old, born and raised in Egypt with interests in illustration, graphic design & Photography.
The wallpaper of this week is a really cool vector image created by Yuri Krasnoshek, and graphic designer from Limassol, Cyprus. The wallpaper of this week is an amazing image created by our friend Sebastian Murra AKA Mu!. Create a Photoshop® Creative gallery to enjoy regular competitions, tips, resources, and get your work viewed by thousands in the magazine and online! Create an Advanced Photoshop® gallery to enjoy regular competitions, tips, resources, and get your work viewed by thousands in the magazine and online! The design has a cool wavy pattern with interesting lighting effects, like the Blackberry 9000 wallpaper. You will be using the brush engine, patterns, blend modes and basic filters to achieve this effect.

We will also appreciate your comments and additions to these Photoshop tutorials in making backgrounds and wallpapers. I really like the style of some guys there, particularly Adhemas Baptista, Eduardo Recife and Nik Ainley. I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts. The title of the image is "injection" and it is a digital illustration sketch, using ink and Photoshop. Sebastian is an art director, illustrator & motion designer from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia based in Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain.
Fortunately, even without knowledge of Photoshop, you can now produce some amazing designs by following online tutorials. In my personal life I spend time on photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding. This guy is really awesome because he's not only talented, but his work is totally pop culture inspired, with tons of homages to games, music, tv, comics and movies.
We will texture a fire hydrant prop using material layering and export the masks and shader parameters. It'll give the imprresion that the elements are sometimes in front and other times behind of the guy Apply a layer mask and delete through the mask Here I wanted to put the pink element behind the legs.

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