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Logo Designers are invited to send their creative logo design ideas for the Logo design competition being held by MTDC(Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, INDIA). Swati Kale, General Manager, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation said, “India is a powerhouse of creative talent.
Black and silver color metal style numbers, get PSD source to make own characters (letters or symbols).

The competition opened on July 18th 2016 and the last date for submission is August 15th, 2016. The winning design will become the official logo for the forthcoming themed year and will be used across multiple channels. The competition is a great opportunity for a creative to add a design to their portfolio that has the potential to be seen by millions of people and become highly recognizable during the year with help of Maharashtra Tourism. The tag line will be used on a long run which will truly reflect the persona of Maharashtra.

The winner will also be able to see their logo design carried across a programme of major and special events due to take place throughout 2016.
This competition will also give us an opportunity to discover a plethora of ideas coming from these creative minds.

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