Thank you for using First In Architecture block database. These autocad blocks are provided free, for use by anyone. Your use of the content provided on this web site is subject to the terms of this Copyright Statement.This web site is owned by First In Architecture which is based in the United Kingdom the copyright in the drawing content on this web site is owned by First In Architecture or the relevant listed manufacturers, except where otherwise indicated.
I’m a Caddie software user and I managed to download Electrical symbols from your website but I am unable to paste it to my symbol directory in Caddie.
Hello Ashley, some of the blocks are standard (from books like Architects Data, etc) and others were created for specific projects. I am using a Home Design pro software package by Chief Architect which is an American programme, and it can only import calibz files not dwg do you know if it is possible to convert the dwg file to calibz to enable me to import the UK electrical symbols?
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First in Architecture does not warrant that the use of these blocks will be to specific requirements, or completely error free. However, you are welcome to send me your file, and I can see if I can paste the symbols in and send it back to you?
I’m afraid I am not familiar with the software package you mention, nor the calibz files.
It can include, design tips, tutorials, creative showcases, latest trends in tech & fashion industry etc.
We endeavour to continue building our blocks library, and will always welcome suggestions for content required. Any downloads are at the responsibility of the end user, and they must take responsibility to edit the blocks according to their own requirements. Please do not share or sell the blocks on to third parties. If you are looking for electrical symbol blocks that comply with British Standards I would not say that these are suitable.

You may find there are online converters where you can upload the dwg and get it to convert to the required file type.
If you think we've missed a vital topic, connect with us on Facebook and tell us what you want us to write about! We will endeavour to continue building our free autocad block library – if you have any suggestions for useful content please get in touch. If it would help I could give you a pdf of the electrical symbols – would those import ok into Chief Architect?

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