You may be a beginner or an avid Photoshop user, Photoshop tutorials can always give you one or several useful tips to add to your Photoshop knowledge. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on 350 Photoshop Tutorials, Free Photoshop Tutorials, Photoshop Text Effects, and Photoshop Actions. The tutorial teaches us to incorporate elements from varied sources to create realistic photo manipulation with conceptual features. It’s an interesting tutorial that teaches to integrate surreal effects to create dreamlike photo effects. This tutorial teaches to make cool modifications to a pictures of a car or a truck for the pimped out effect. The detailed tutorial teaches you to create an Vector based cover page design in Photoshop.
Learn how to create a realistic mailbox icon in Photoshop using basic skills and different blending options. Learn how to create a website layout specifically for a Mobile Device which in simple yet sleek and professional using Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to compose magical scenes from different stock images and create strong atmosphere adding interesting lights and shadows. Learn how to increase the quality of the regular photo and make it more artistic by using Photoshop tools, settings and photo manipulation skills.
Learn how to create a fun & eye-catching Personal Vcard Mini-Site Template in Adobe Photoshop! The tutorial helps you get hang of the latest set of art and illustration by the amazing Depthcore collection. In this tutorial you can learn to manipulate some stock images into a seamless design and add in elements to attain the depth of field. In this tutorial, you can get familiarized with techniques used to create a steampunk type treatment in Photoshop. Create a sleek Apple iPhone 4S in Adobe Photoshop using various shape tools, blending options and other helpful methods. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the traits of image sharpness and ways of sharpening one of your designs to achieve the maximum visual appeal. Learn easy ways to illustrate a guitar in Photoshop using tiny shapes, gradients and subtle shadows. Make a beautiful scene of a coral reef and fish on Photoshop with this useful step by step tutorial.
I spend a lot of time using Adobe Photoshop creating logos for my website, and I must say, the creators of this awesome art works using Adobe Photoshop mastered lots of techniques on using Adobe Photoshop, will be reading and learning there Photoshop tutorials.
Am always a fun of free tutorials my favorite being those of photoshop, web design and animation.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
There are some ideas of making cartoon eyes so that you can create your own cartoon eyes easily.
To lots of painters, it is always encountered difficulties to draw a really high quality portrait. A nice ice cube is not easy to create, due to its condition and surface are difficult to be copied. In this tutorial, we will continue to develop a character concept from a tutorial and show you how to create a print ad by combining photo manipulation techniques with some renders from another tutorial.
Photoshop Art: Art Director Rik Oostenbroek is quite popular for his abstract graphic illustrations and photo manipulation works. Halloween is just around the corner and to spice things up we made a compilation of the best top 15 Halloween Photoshop Tutorials.
In this Photoshop tutorial you will use simple manipulation techniques  to create  a perfect “vampire look”.
In this impressive tutorial you will learn how to turn any portrait into a scary looking clown. This is another easy to follow photo manipulation tutorial you’ll learn how to transform pictures of ordinary people into pictures of the living dead.
In this tutorial you are going to learn how to turn a normal person into one of the nightmarish vampires in the graphic novel-turned-movie 30 Days of Night. In this Photoshop tutorial you are going to learn how to make an image look evil and pretty dark. In this tutorial you will learn how to use various stock photos and brushes to make Halloween theme montage. In this tutorial you will use various tools and techniques to create a very cool looking alien.
In this tutorial you will be learning how to create a severed arm with fleshy stumps and strings of sinew. In this tutorial you will learn how to  make a scary vampire environment with minimal effort. In this tutorial you will learn how to turn  an ordinary photo into a terrifying zombie image, all in less than 20 steps. In this awesome tutorial you will learn how to create  a Dark Art image following the steps of this tut.
Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for creating and manipulating high quality photos, effects, icons and vector graphics which can use for web and graphic design. Today, there is a growing interest in collecting and admiring original effects, brushes and artwork that was used in books, magazines, posters, blogs, etc. Adobe Photoshop is simply excellent tool for creating amazing and realistic Text Effects from simple to advanced makeovers and for fixing, editing great shots where the light, color balancing and sharpness need a bit of adjustment or where some elements need to be removed.
Today we’re picked up New Photoshop Tutorials which can Improve your designing Skills. These tutorials can helps to bring your ideas into reality and create something dashing. In this tutorial, illustrator Chris Malbon takes you through the process of creating a bold artwork with an 80s retro tropical theme – drawing on the glamour of shows like Miami Vice. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps to Create Electrified Metal Text Effect in Photoshop. In this video tutorial I will show you how you can create a nice scene at the bottom of the sea using a few stock images.
In this tutorial, I will show you the steps to create this “Stone Eagle” Photo Manipulation in Photoshop.
In this tutorial, we will show you how to create concept art for a zombie-themed video game. In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a surreal photomanipulation, and then add a touch of apocalyptic destruction to it.
In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Wacom tablet product advertisement. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a sci fi artwork with spaceship, planets and galaxy. Learn how to utilize the Repousse feature in Photoshop Extended to create a poster that has a mix of retro and modern effects. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a science fiction photomanipulation in Photoshop.
In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to create a beautiful abstract photo manipulation applying some advance techniques of masking, lightning and the use of adjustment layers. Learn how to make any inspirational message look more meaningful by turning it into a 3D typography poster.
In this tutorial, Dwayne Bell details how to use Photoshop to enhance a retro-styled illustration by digitally applying textures and patterns.

Learn how to turn an ordinary shot into an amazing artwork with this video Photoshop tutorial. For a portrait or landscape photographer it is often extremely important to be able to replace a sky here and there when the weather or clouds are not cooperating with the look you want. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps to create this “Doom Bringer” Fantasy Digital Art in Photoshop. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create this Unique Glowing Text with Space Background in Adobe Photoshop CS5. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a fantasy photomanipulation and how to combine stock photos and photoshop effects to add realism to your work. If you would like to recieve our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address below & click subscribe. Check out these 50 Awesome Sets of Free Social MEdia Icons and share them with your friends. User interface design mainly focuses on what users need to do and making sure that interface has elements that are easy to understand, access, and.. A beautiful PSD free minimal medical business card template to use in your personal and commercial projects. Drag and Drop Image Upload is a new process for uploading image or any file by simply dragging the file from your directory and drop to the upload.. Running a business or a website requires proper management, effective planning strategies and cutting-edge tools. These days the internet has come to host a lot of websites and the only reason behind this many companies going viral on the internet with their.. Today’s advanced Photoshop tutorial will teach you digital portrait painting by showing you how to draw a beautiful woman from scratch using Photoshop. This image is painted in photoshop by using graphic pen tablet in which several digital painting techniques and fundamentals are involved. Next start blending lights and shadows, change the brush size when needed to get smooth skin shading. Have every post delivered to your inbox and get access to hundreds of useful design freebies. Besides, you can find some exceptionally useful shortcuts to make Photoshopping faster and easier. In this quick tip we’re going to take a look at how the same blur effect can be applied to a portrait to give the subject an appearance as if they are closer than they appear. I love the Warm Portrait and the Golden apple tree, but all of them are amazing photo manipulations. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. There are lots of a try and error works to do, as it needs to have color adjustments for the shadow and color. Even you are a good artist, without good Photoshop skills, you will find it very difficult to draw.
You also need to work out detailed color painting plus adding shadow and reflection effects. He is ready to explore the digital world with amazing creativity and with the millions of possibilities available. Now you can practice and start creating your own realistic scary images.Warning some images contain intense blood and gore.
You will use advanced manipulation techniques in Photoshop to produce this realistic Zombie image. Photoshop Tutorials are the best way to learn trendy styles and effects.  Tutorials can provide a lot of help,  step by step presentation of a thing that made it easy to learn and understand. Various museum exhibitions, magazines and art galleries have devoted space to the illustrators of the past. You should be able to replicate this effect on other pictures using the techniques presented here.
We will cover a number of selection techniques, as well as how we can use the right texture to form unique text effect.
You’ll learn illumination and shading techniques that will make your artworks come to life.
This piece will portray a couple of police officers fending off a hoard of zombies in the pouring rain.
We will use a base photo and paint on top mostly everything and just finish up with the help of some textures.
You’ll see how to balance colors, integrate stock images, and also how to create realistic looking smoke trails. You’ll see how to take a product image and create a theme for an advertisement, and then how to execute it with a variety of subtle touches. You’ll learn how to compose and manipulate some space elements together as well as blend them correctly and effectively. This tutorial will show you how to easily create futuristic shapes with the Path tools and combine them with photos and brushes to create this mixed media poster.
This tutorial will teach you many subjects such as how to work with shapes, apply patterns, brushes, create 3D objects, and apply photo effects.
First, we’ll start by creating a futuristic style city, followed by adding in our main character, and then lastly, we’ll add some combat elements to it. We are not actually creating the metal whale, but we are using 5 stock images and a brush set, along with Photoshop’s built in tools and filters to create this stunning photo manipulation. In this Photoshop tutorial, you will how to create striking 3D gold text, add reflections with image-based lighting, create a drywall background from scratch, and position your lights using an easy method that feel like you’re playing a 1st person shooter game. He notes that while in this instance the effects are applied to a hand-drawn original, the techniques shown can easily be applied to any Photoshop project to bring depth and originality. By mixing up bright and vibrant cosmic designs with old, distressed and grungey textures we’ll create a print-ready retro futuristic poster design for “Yugoslav Airlines”, the former national carrier of Yugoslavia. In addition, replacing a sky is a quick and sure-fire way to drama, mood, and color to just about any photo.
Along the way, we will practice cloud rendering, some simple photo retouch techniques, image adjustments, and a few tricks on how to seamless merge several objects together.
We will use techniques such as layer blending, filter effect, custom brushes and transform tools to create this text effect.
Photoshop tutorials writers which give excellent examples of photo manipulation and photo editing. Don’t spend too much time to add details, a rough sketch will work and we will get enough time to add details. Next, select a brush of size 30 pixels & color #62463b and start adding shadows to the face. Join our creative community at FanExtra and get the direction you need to take your work to the next level. Moreover, who have already expertise in Photoshopping, they too can revise their skills with these helpful tutorials.
With 40 Cool Photoshop tutorials listed below, you can learn to add some impressive effects with useful techniques and tools. This tutorial will show you how to design the symbol of Captain America – the shield.
In this tutorial, it will show you how to carry out to draw a proper portrait stage by stage. Thus, you have to practise and get familiar with the Photoshop skills on drawing the portrait.

You can also learn to create some different kinds of lighting, work with group, use brush, masking and more. You will learn how to create a nice metal shield such as adding shadow and choose texture for the shield and this idea can be applied for any other metal.
This style painting is different from normal one you see and is applicable for some soft objects such as puppy or female portrait. This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to create a surreal scene where boats pick up travelers and fly them to a secret mountain passage in the sky. Photo manipulation is done using the adobe photoshop, where even a simple photo can be transformed into a mindblowing picture.
In this post we have included 20 Creative Photoshop art and Photo manipulations by Rik Oostenbroek for your inspiration. By following along with this Photoshop ad tutorial, you’ll see how to take just a simple stock image and build a pixel perfect artwork around it, while also communicating valuable information about the brand to viewers.Tutorial LinkOne Moment – Manipulation TutorialIn this Photoshop tutorial I will show you how to create a nice spotlight effect on an image using the brush tool.
For this tutorial you should know the use of Pen tool, adjustment layers and how to use blend modes.
Difficulty of this tutorial is medium.Tutorial LinkCreate a Dark Melancholic Photo Manipulation SceneLearn how to create a melancholic and enthralling piece using Photoshop.
It also cover how to paint realistic lighting and shadows, how to create an effect of a moving sky like it just came out from a long exposure shot, how to make a vignette, how to utilize fill and adjustment layers, and more.Tutorial LinkManipulating Photo To Make A Look Like Human TorchIn this step by step tutorial you will learn how to make a human look like a human torch and make it fly. You will learn to change the background, removing shadows and adding fire to hands.Tutorial LinkAdd A Dramatic Winter Effect In Regular HeadshotIn this tutorial you will learn to add winter effect to a normal photo. This tutorial will also help you to understand how to add make up and change the color of eyes.Tutorial LinkHow To Create this Cool Looking Photo ManipulationIn this tutorial you will learn how to create a model in freezing cold winter atmosphere by using some basic tips.
This tutorial will use some ice and crystal photos to complete manipulation.Tutorial LinkHow To Add Motion LightingIn this tutorial you will learn how to add motion lighting onto a simple car image making use of some fireworks image. In the initial part, we will explain the process of setting up a Poser scene and preparing three separate renders.Tutorial LinkCreate a Sinister Sci-Fi Scene When you’re creating artwork for an illustration, it is important to set the right the right mood and atmosphere. In this tutorial by Depthcore artist, Benjamin Mounsey, we will explain how to apply some mood and atmosphere enhancing techniques to your artwork.Tutorial LinkCreate a Greek SculptureThis Photoshop tutorial demonstrates how to create a Greek sculpture using several stock images. That is because the design…Free Modern Corporate Business Card Template - 3 ColorsA free modern corporate business card template for you. Come with double sided busines card psd template in 3 custom…How to Create a Seamless Cute Birds and Owls Pattern in InkscapeThe first tutorial in Inkscape today, I want to show you how to create a seamless pattern. SubscribePhotoshop Tutorials to learn Exciting Photoshop TechniquesPhotoshop is a very versatile software tool, and these fresh Photoshop tutorials will teach you photo manipulation, retouching and photo editing techniques which making your photos look even more stunning. Take a look at these new Photoshop CC tutorials and see how these tutorials are helpful in knowing these techniques.Create Stencil Poster Effects in Photoshop TutorialThis masterclass by Ian Keltie uses Photoshop’s Threshold control to create the main assassin image, as well as various scratch and grunge layers to scruff up the image.
The trick here is to use the Threshold adjustment control to create contrasting images, then layer on real-world dirt elements that you have scanned in.
Tutorial LinkCreate a Dark Night Hunter Scene with PhotoshopIn this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a dark night hunter scene. You’ll learn how to combine different stock images together, turn a scene from day to night, add a moonlight, create a dark atmosphere as well as make some special effects.
Along with this tutorial, you’ll also learn how to work with groups, manage your layers and pay attention to the details.
Tutorial LinkHow To Create A Catwoman Poster In PhotoshopIn this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a Catwoman artwork using a range of photo manipulation techniques. You’ll learn how to create a dark night city scene from several stock images, practice some retouching techniques as well as enhance the light and contrast of the scene. Tutorial LinkHow to Add fantasy light effects to photo-based artworks Photoshop tutorialThe tutorial also draws on tools such as a toolbrush and screwdriver in addition to digital design tools to create the whirling snow effect. Tutorial LinkHow To Create a Sin City Style Film Noir Effect in PhotoshopIn today’s tutorial I’ll show you some techniques to transform your static photographs into a Sin City inspired scene with a dark atmosphere and harsh tones.
Tutorial LinkHow to Create a Luxurious Text Effect in Adobe PhotoshopIn this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create this gorgeous text effect in Adobe Photoshop.
Tutorial LinkHow to design stickers in Photoshop ready to be printed on vinyl and die-cut in Photoshop tutorialIn this masterclass, Leicester-based duo Waste – the combined talents of Daniel Lowe and Norman Hayes – have drawn inspiration from the likes of Ed Roth and Jim Phillips to create an astounding sticker collection.
Tutorial LinkThe Creation Of So Fly Digital Art Using Photoshop And Illustrator In this tutorial, author Kris Shields will explain in detail the Creation of this “So Fly” Digital Art Using Photoshop and Illustrator. Tutorial LinkCreate an Abstract Portrait Photo Manipulation With Adobe PhotoshopIn this tutorial I’ll show you how to create an abstract artwork by combining several stock images with abstract elements in Adobe Photoshop.
Besides standard blending techniques with adjustment layers, masking and brushes, you’ll also learn how to make an abstract object using Adobe Illustrator, apply texture, enhance the depth of field and more.
Tutorial LinkLearn How to Make Your Photos Look Like Miniatures in PhotoshopWe will use a Lens Blur filter in this Photoshop tutorial to create a tilt shift effect which in turn will make our photos look like miniatures. Tutorial LinkTurn a sketch into a fantastic painting in Photoshop TutorialThis tutorial expose their insidious plan, it will also show you how to create a stylized image starting from old school pencil and paper and then develop it into a finished piece in Photoshop.
For this tutorial, you will need a graphics tablet and also some Prismacolor col-erase pencils if you want to follow the tutorial from the first step. Tutorial LinkHow to Create Textures Using Dynamic Brushes in Adobe PhotoshopHigh-quality textures are an integral part of creating digital artwork with depth, realism and visual interest.
One of the best ways of adding believable detail to any digitally created element or illustration is to use good textures.
Tutorial LinkCreate an Aquatic Photo Manipulation of a Giant TortoiseIn this tutorial, I’ll show how you can combine different stock images to create this cohesive and unified scene of an aquatic Giant tortoise. You’ll also learn how to manipulate trees, stones, waterfalls and textures to create an island on the tortoise. Tutorial LinkLearn How to Add a Reflection to Your Photos in PhotoshopIn this tutorial you will learn how to add a reflection to your photos in Photoshop. Tutorial LinkCreate Dance On Fire Scene In Photoshop tutorialIn this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you the process I took to create this “Dance on Fire” Scene in Photoshop. Tutorial LinkCreate an old-school Photoshop artwork in Adobe Photoshop tutorialThe key for this tutorial, though, is to focus on experimentation, especially with blending modes such as Multiply and Photoshop’s layer effects, and having a great starting image. While there is a lot you can follow directly along with – and the file is included in the download so you can do just that – an image such as this is heavy on creative fun. Tutorial LinkPhoto Manipulation Using Watercolor Brushes And Rock Pattern In PhotoshopIn this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this Photo Manipulation Using Watercolor Brushes and Rock Pattern in Photoshop.
Tutorial LinkCreate a Parting Sea Photo Manipulation in PhotoshopWe will create a parting sea photo manipulation using both simple and advanced techniques in this Photoshop tutorial. Tutorial LinkHow to Create a Realistic Autumn Leaves Text Effect in Adobe PhotoshopAutumn is such a beautiful season, with its crisp weather and bright colors. This tutorial will show you how to use a couple of leaf images, textures, adjustment layers, and a lighting effect to create a bright autumn leaves text effect. Tutorial LinkCreate Your Own Travel Brochure Using Only PhotoshopThis tutorial demonstrates techniques to create Travel Flyer Template Design in Photoshop.
This is a fairly straightforward tutorial usingA Photoshop’s drawing tools and composition techniques.
The techniques shown here could be applied to create any other flyer template design as well, like holiday trip, local attraction, etc.
Tutorial LinkAdd real texture to hand-drawn artworks in Photoshop tutorialIn this tutorial, Dwayne Bell details how to use Photoshop to enhance a hand-drawn illustration by digitally applying textures and patterns.

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