Now click on the background image now I am going to grab my move tool and repositioning this portion of the image.
The problem is we are seeing the repeating patterns we are just want to darker the brighten area not create a whole new structure here so we need to build a mask here let's turn off the visibility of the layer for the moment.
In this case it is primarily selected these darker tones then turn on the visibility of the layer 1 target that and click on add layer mask icon. I came across an issue the other day when attempting to mask out a multi layered 3d render, so it would appear to be within the background layer below. Command (CTRL) + left click all of the layers you wish to be masked and then Command + G to group them. With the group still selected switch over to channels, here you will notice a new channel referring to your group name. You are now able to add in your own background, and still have the ability to adjust individual layers. If you have any questions about this post, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible. About MintViz WorkshopThe definitive resource for any CG artist, designer or generalist who is looking to develop their technical skills. We take a look at the #VirtualReality industry & how the advancing technology is used for a variety of applications. A few years ago while I was teaching Photoshop, a designer for a car dealership asked me if there was an easy way to remove  the yellow from the teeth of his used car salesman photos he had on there site. The reason I call it butter teeth is because When you go to the movies and eat popcorn that has a little too much butter on it, your teeth look all buttery. We are going to be using the Quick mask mode to make our selection, which uses your brush to paint your selection.
So hit Q and with the dancing ants surrounding your teeth hit Ctrl J to copy the teeth to its on layer. Now from the  color drop down men select yellows and move the saturation slider to the left to remove the yellow.
My teeth have a little red in them as well so I select red from the drop down menu and repeat the process to remove the red.
Pay attention to the color of the teeth as you move the saturation slider to much Desaturation and you teeth will look grey.
Start your Photoshop summer vacation by learning how to create this sea foam text style with sand writing effects. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a sea foam text effect in Photoshop using patterns and layer styles.
Add a layer mask to the Beach Layer and use the Gradient Tool to create a fade effect between the Beach layer and the Sand Texture Layer. Duplicate the Sea Foam Text Layer and call the new layer Sea Foam Text Layer and rename the original layer Sand Text.
To make this summer beach photo manipulation more creative let's add some extra elements like this puffin sea bird for example. Open the layer style window and add these layer styles for the Bird Layer:Drop Shadow(see also Cast Shadow in Photoshop) and Inner Shadow. To create a beautiful summer day effect in Photoshop all you have to do is to add a sun light.
Be a Cool Dude!With your donation you can help us maintain this website and keep producing free resources many months to come! Another Photoshop texture that is really used by digital artists is for sure the old paper texture. Light brown haired woman in light blue medical scrubs, holding a portable medical device on both hands, looking attentive and observantVector PDF Downloadable File.

Tags: adult, adult woman, air, alertness, bag valve mask, breath shortness, breathing, BVM, carry out, carrying, clinic, cradle, doctor, emergency, emergency room, grownup, hand held device, healthcare, healthcare professional, holding, hospital, hospital scrubs, human, human being, individual, lungs, mask, medical professional, medicine, nurse, O2, observing, oxygen, patient, pump, rescue, scrubs, serious, treatment, trouble breathing, using BVM, ventilation, white shoes, woman.
I’m not a huge fan of this character, but I came across a fully outfitted Power Girl costume while I was looking for Daz Studio compatible 3D props for another super-hero. For those of you looking to make your own Power Girl character, I’ll run down the props I used to get the look you see above. Since I usually avoid the default textures provided with the base characters, I used the V4 Elite Texture Lana. I tried out probably eight or nine different hair props, but the one I settled on was the Cindy Short Hair. As you can see from my image, I didn’t change much of anything, only the color of the belt from blue to red.
Aside from that, everything fit perfectly, and I had no trouble making adjustments in Daz Studio. The background city is a Daz prop you’ll see me use a lot called Urban Sprawl 2 The Big City.
The price may seem steep, since many of us are used to using free props, but I’d advise you to put a little bit away each month until you can grab it.
I was a bit afraid that Blender would choke on all the building points, faces, nodes and such, so before I brought it into Blender I deleted every single last building, car and prop from the city that wasn’t visible on camera. It was still a bit of a bear to deal with, but some of that will be dependent on your computer’s processor, graphics card and ram, so your mileage may vary. So at that point, with all the posing done, I set up lights in Blender and adjusted some of the Cycle’s nodes for greater effect. Anyway, the final render was at 2400px x 1600px, which my machine took about 3 hours to do, if I recall correctly.
In Photoshop, I mostly just added some solid color layers to adjust the overall hue of the image.
I also used a background image of a city at night to fill in the spaces left by the actual city prop.
Finally, I used a render of just the windows I wanted to glow (you’ll see them below at the end of the gallery) as a way to get a quick mask in Photoshop for the glowing windows. All in all, I was pretty happy with how it turned out, even though I see things I might have done differently. So that’s all for this piece, if you have any comments or questions, just let me know in the comments below.
Here's a convenient list of all the links mentioned above in case you'd like to use any of these items in your own projects. JG (13 Posts)I'm John Garrett (or you can call me JG), and I'm just a guy who likes to make cool artwork with 3D (and other) programs. The issue came apparent as I wanted to keep all my individual layers whilst avoiding collapsing the stack before masking. With the group selected create a new mask layer by clicking the add a mask button at the bottom of your stack. Make this new mask visible by clicking in the small box next to the channel name, an eye symbol will then appear.
Our fully comprehensive techniques and workflows are well documented, making them a valuable learning resource. Using the foam seamless pattern and just a few layer styles we'll create a realistic water text effect. Also you will learn how to create a summer paradise beach with sand drawing elements using just Adobe Photoshop filters and actions. You can use a seamless sand texture that you like or you can use this sand texture(the last texture from the list).

So here is the final result for our summer beach photo manipulation with a sea foam text effect. Our formats are guaranteed to work with any graphics application.Your LicenseWe want to make using our graphics easy. Meaning she’s a Kryptonian, but from a parallel universe alongside the main DC Comics heroes.
This applies upgraded skin textures, and I also employed the Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ to do some small tweaking to the face and body.
To me, it seemed to fit the character better, based on the comic hand drawn reference I’ve seen over the years. I only did that because it seems like she had a red belt in most of the classic shots of her that I liked.
The buildings and the props all the way down to stop signs and mailboxes are fully selectable and move-able. I had adjusted some of the color in Blender, but I prefer to do it in Photoshop, since it’s easier for me. Unfortunately, the more I look at the final image now, the more I see that I have the angle wrong by a couple of degrees. There’s no way I was going to manually select all those windows, so this was the best way to pull it off. In the comics these days, it’s sort of the style to make Power Girl (and sometimes Wonder Woman), completely hard, ripped and muscled up. Blender, Daz Studio, Photoshop and Illustrator are my main apps, but I'm always looking to expand my toolset.Say Hello to JG on Social Media! Being a seamless sand texture you can use it as Photoshop pattern to cover any canvas size. So if you have a larger document and a bigger size font you might have to adjust the layer styles by going to Layer > Layer Style > Scale Effects.
If you want you can use the Draw in Sand Photoshop Action to create the same effect using photos. Add a Color Balance adjustment layer(Image menu > Adjustments) just for the Paradise Beach Layer using the clip to layer option.
Works with all major graphics applications like Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Apple Preview, Fireworks etc. Because of this, you don’t have to load the whole darn thing every time you want to show a city.
I don’t really care for that look, so I left her looking (mostly) like the default V4 shape. Other characters have been known to comment on her physique (although this usually does not end well for them). Finally make the mask invisible by clicking in the small box once more to remove the eye symbol.
You can't resell or give away our graphics as downloadableDigital resale where you are selling our graphics to people who will re-use them in projectsWhen in doubt please ask us. If you check it out you’ll see it will also work for the Aiko 4 Base as well as the V4. You can either load one quadrant at a time, or even load the individual buildings, cars, etc. The example used has soft shadows and this method of masking will allow you to keep all that shadow information.

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