Intro: Make Custom Pokemon Cards on GIMPHere is a tutorial to make custom Pokémon using the GIMP Program! Step 2: Get the ResourcesYou must have the correct resources to make your own Pokémon cards! Step 4: Export and Size the CardOnce you are finished your card, you to the top menu of GIMP, click File, and then click Export. Hola, en este post te comparto una plantilla que te va a ayudar, a crear un banner, para los nuevos canales de youtube, espero que te gusten, trate de simplificar todo, y creo que en el video esta bien explicado todo lo que se debe saber, funciona para windows y mac. Even though I think Pixlr Editor is the best, if you don't like it there are plenty of other web-based photo editors for you to try. If you're a Photoshop user and you can't handle GIMP's interface, there's Gimphoto, a version of GIMP modeled to look and work like Photoshop.

It works on both Mac and PC, so as long as your computer is fairly new, you should be able to download the program. Feroa, soy un gran seguidor tuyo, estoy empezando con mi canal para ver si logro algo y esto me ha ayudado mucho!! Even though they offer the Mac versions of this CS2 software, they're for the old Macs that use PowerPC processors.
You should know that Photoshop CS2 is very much compatible with Wine, the Windows emulator for Linux. Before you arrive to the downloads page, Adobe will prompt you with a notice to deter you from downloading the software unless you purchased it. They won't work if you try to open them on modern Mac computers due to the transition to Intel processors.

It even has an extension for Chrome and a plugin for Google Drive (look for it in the plugins library).
If Adobe really wanted to prevent piracy then they wouldn't have put everything up for free along with their serial numbers.
Although it's an old version of Photoshop, it really isn't that bad or lacking when compared to the latest version. The official site has thorough documentation, and there are plenty of GIMP tutorials on YouTube.

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