Map-making or Cartography, is the study, and often practices of creating a graphic representation or scale model of the Earth upon a flat surface. What is Blaberize?Blaberize is a wallpaper blog that features tons of high-quality and the best desktop wallpaper you will ever see online. From February to September 1944, heavy battles were fought in the narrow, 50 km-wide, Narva Front in the  northeastern part of Estonia .
At that time, a local boy walking by the lake, Kurtna Matasjarv, noticed tank tracks leading into the lake but not coming out anywhere. It is wonderful to hear the engine was made functional but I suspect that just like any other submerged engine the little tinkering would need to include a complete cylinder cleanout, draining and re-lubrication, probably re-gasketing and head bolt re-torquing. Forr a single startup risking catestrophic damage to their new prize engine they could have cheated by just dropped the armored oil pan and hosing out the cyclinders with pressurized oil through the spark plug holes (glow plug holes if it truely was a diesel and not the standard gasoline tank engine). Amazing, nothin like vintage to fire up after 62 years of being buried at the bottom of a lake.
I know where another one is i touched as a kid diving touching the main gun and the tower also found a hispanic suiza aircraft gun from the swiss army is this from interest? WWII Buffs will find this interesting – Even after 62 years (and a little tinkering), they were able to fire up the Diesel engine! Aleksander Borovkovthe, manager of the Narva Open Pit company AS Eesti Polevkivi, to rent the company’s Komatsu D375A-2 bulldozer.

The weight of the tank, combined with the travel incline, made for a pulling operation that required significant muscle. I am from Poland and as a kid I used to go on my bike to German bunkers near Bialystok to look for anything from the war. This combined expertise produce almost accurately measured maps of the present and lead in the use of precise tools like aerial surveillance, satellite mapping, and geographic information systems. HD Wallpaper and background images in the King Arthur club tagged: king arthur fantasy legend.
During battles in the summer of 1944, the tank was captured from the Soviet army and used by the German army. This gave him reason to believe that there must be an armored vehicle at the lake’s bottom.
Remarkably, the tank was in good condition, with NO RUST, and all systems (except the engine) in working condition.
I found old artillery shells, read german markings on the base of huge artillery cannons made by Krupp, crawl inside gun turrets, or inspect bullet holes on the entrance to these bunkers. Being able to witness it plus checking out the local war history, would beat any old stinking cruise vacation. The weight of the fully-armed tank was around 30 tons, so the active force required to retrieve it was similar. A main requirement for the 68-ton dozer was to have enough weight to prevent slippage while moving up the hill.

This is a very rare machine, especially considering that it fought both on the Russian and the German sides. The most significant purpose of the political map is to show territorial borders; the purpose of the physical map is to show features of geography such as mountains, soil type or land use.
Approx 20 years ago a complete 8.8 AA gun on trailer was recovered in our village from under the mainroad, now restored and on display at the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung of the German Army in Coblenz. Geological maps illustrate not only the physical surface, but characteristics of the underlying rock, fault lines, and subsurface structures. It will be displayed at a war history museum in the Gorodenko village on the left bank of the River Narv. The best thing is the bunkers are on a field where nobody watches it and there is free access to it!

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