Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sunday January 20th we are hosting a wonderful , informative and fun beauty filled day at The Orchard Croft! BodyBeautyMind ,  a holistic personal care lifestyle company  will be presenting their beauty-care workshop.
Total cost: $59 per person -including fresh, holistic lunch using local produces , refreshments and free wine-tasting cards .

Workshop content: Interactive, educational easy to do it yourself content delivered by Aniko herself . Over the past 10 years Aniko Farkas has chosen to follow a path in the Beauty + Wellness industry focusing on improving the lives of others through awareness and intelligent lifestyle design. She has worked with a vast clientele, hotels, events, beauty and wellness services, teaching as well as management. Aniko believes a healthy life of holistic personal wellness is attainable for all, and now communicates and educates these concepts through her wellness lifestyle company and mantra BodyBeautyMind and the holistic, personal care beauty programs it creates .

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