Hey check this collection of 80 High quality (1920×1200) Windows 7 wallpapers in a small 10mb file ! Almost any portrait subject over the age of 25 can use some under-eye cleanup, but many photographers struggle to make this common retouch look natural. Most of us start out using the Clone Stamp tool as our all-purpose retouching sledgehammer. Somehow the wizards at Photoshop have programmed this thing to blend the texture of the sample area and the color of the target area in a way that looks totally natural (most of the time). With practice, you’ll get skilled at drawing and sampling with the Patch tool so that edge touch-up is rarely necessary.
Then you’ll enjoy this as a fast, easy, one-step solution to most of your under-eye portrait problems! Become a Contributor: Check out Write for DPS page for details about how YOU can share your photography tips with the DPS community. I just tried this on a picture of my daughter (1) who has dark circles and it worked perfectly!
Up until this point, I’ve usually sampled color from the cheeks of the subject and painted under the eyes in a new layer. I usually use the clone tool…on a separate layer and then lower the opacity to blend it in. Like many above, I’ll throw my lot in with the group who likes fading or using lower opacity. Hey there, thanks for sharing this, I was struggling trying to find the tool to do the job, and I forgot all about the patch tool, thanks for that quick tutorial!

Like many above, I'll throw my lot in with the group who likes fading or using lower opacity. It is upgraded version of windows vista.In this post you can find high quality windows 7 wallpapers.
It’s great for removing blemishes, so we just keep going and going and try to fix everything with it.
Using the patch tool, draw a closed loop around the area under the eye that you want to retouch. Now that the loop is selected and surrounded by a dashed line, click inside it, and with the mouse button held down, drag that loop down onto the cheek of your subject.
If there is a visible edge along the border of the patch, you can zoom in and do a little cleanup.
To make your final photo more natural, consider using the FADE command immediately after you use the patch tool. What amazes me is how often patch alone does the job with no adjustments to opacity or anything else. I run into them all the time shooting beautiful scenics that are spoiled by the power lines. I have known about the clone tool and the spot healing brush but this is so much faster and easier. I'm a beginner and usually have some slips on the photos that I take, but I don't want to trash them.
But using the Clone Stamp tool to retouch bags or dark circles under eyes can require patience and artistic skill that many of us lack.

You can then do it again if you would like with a slightly different area as the clone source.
You can fade what you did with the patch tool to let a limited amount of the wrinkles show and make the person look more realistic.
The final photo above, for example, shows the result of simply using patch, with no adjustments to opacity and no cloning (even though I mention cloning, this photo actually didn’t need any).
It also works on wrinkles but again you need to reduce the opacity because no one has a completely smooth face with no lines.
The trick is to clone them out on the edges of the frame and then you can select big areas and use the patch tool.
So I’ve been looking to use photoshop recently and could use all the tips you’ve got!
Instantly the texture of the sampled area will be remapped onto the target area under the eye, smoothing out any bags and correcting the color of dark circles! Adjust the opacity to about 30%, take a sample (Alt:Click) from clean skin near the edge of the patch, and then lightly clone along the borderline to smooth away any visible edge. Also, you will get a much better result if you learn to use the dodge and burn tools to fix the area as much as possible BEFORE you attempt this brute-force method. I retouch a lot of images with children and cannot understand why a great many of them have dark circles under their eyes.

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