Indie Developers talk 3DOver the last few years, ita€™s seemed like therea€™s a schism thata€™s grown at the root of the PC games industry; one thata€™s trickled down to affect everyone from publishers to consumers. The other side of the fence, however, constantly defends the PC games industry on the innovation and creativity offered by the thriving indie development community. The question nobody seems to be asking, however, is why the two sides arena€™t reconciling a€“ why arena€™t indies making use of graphical improvements, such as 3D? Other developers we spoke to expressed similar sentiments, with many of them claiming to have been disappointed or nonplussed by their experience with 3D technology a€“ both in games and movies.
There are those to whom stereoscopic 3D isna€™t just a gimmick, however, but a barrier that sits between consumer and content.

8863 Fiery sparks from a blazing fire - this image by gratuit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. And ita€™s our fault; we journalists whoa€™ve reached for easy definitions to keep readers excited about the PC platform. Ita€™s these small teams and their big ideas which are the reason to pay attention to PC gaming; not the big technology which only ever gets used on samey, brown-corridor shooters. Therea€™s certainly an issue of time and money, yet thata€™s surely mitigated somewhat by the support offered by manufacturers AMD and Nvidia.
Thata€™s a word that seems to rear its head over and over again in any discussion about 3D technology, whether ita€™s achieved through stereoscopic means or glasses-less parallax screens.

Images are free of charge for both commercial and personal use in websites, printed materials and products, under an attribution license. These works demonstrate what can be done if you are talented, and are willing to constantly practice. Even those, like Garry, whoa€™ve shelled out for 3D kit and speak to how fun it can be to use, will admit that much.

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