The speakers on the iPad are pretty decent, but they are not going to blow anyone away with their depth or awesome bass levels. Now that we’ve started a new year it means that certain analysts will be looking ahead at what might happen over the next few weeks and months. Apple published a new iPhone 5 TV ad on New Years Day that promoted one of the phones features, which couldn’t have been done in a more untimely manner. Back in June we heard about a Foxconn riot, which also highlighted the murky working conditions and touched on how Apple workers are treated in China. How are you enjoying Google’s new Maps app which has been dubbed the savior of iOS 6?
Just under 2 weeks ago we saw the new 2012 iMac go live for ordering after a long wait, which had apparently been due to production problems. We knew a while ago that Adobe was going to update a number of their products in order to offer support for Apple’s latest laptop. N?u b?n da la ngu?i s? h?u m?t chi?c Macbook c?a Apple, ch?c h?n b?n da ph?i d?n do khong it trong vi?c l?a ch?n gi?a Macbook Pro va Macbook Air. Vi?c ch?n mua m?t chi?c Laptop ch?y Windows la m?t di?u khong h? d? dang khi ma co t?i hang tram dong s?n ph?m xu?t hi?n tren th? tru?ng d? b?n l?a ch?n. D? ti?n so sanh, 2 thi?t b? du?c l?a ch?n s? la Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (2014) (gia niem y?t 999 USD) va Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch (2014) (gia niem y?t 1.299 USD). Tuy nhien, khi xet v? Clour Gamut (d? r?ng c?a d?i mau ma man hinh co th? hi?n th?), Macbook Pro vu?t tr?i khi co kh? nang hi?n th? t?i 87,3% so v?i con s? 63,3% c?a Macbook Air. Nh?ng chi?c Air khong co thay d?i gi so v?i nam ngoai khi gi? nguyen 2 c?ng USB 3.0, 1 c?ng Thunderbolt va 1 khe c?m th? nh? SDXC.
Khi th?c hi?n Geekbench 3 d? do hi?u su?t t?ng th?, Macbook Pro vu?t tr?i v?i k?t qu? 6730 so v?i 5393 c?a Macbook Air. Trong m?t th? nghi?m du?c th?c hi?n b?i chuyen gia c?a LaptopMag khi s? d?ng Spreadsheet test v?i 20.000 ten va d?a ch? tren OpenOffice, Macbook Pro ch? m?t 3 phut va 20 giay d? th?c hi?n no, nhanh hon 26 giay so v?i Macbook Air. Khi so sanh hi?u su?t c?a GPU, chung ta ch?c d?u nghi Intel Iris c?a Macbook Pro s? "an d?t" Intel HD 5000 GPU tren Macbook Air, th? nhung th?c t? la hi?u su?t c?a chung khong qua khac bi?t.
Dang luu y la c? 2 d?u m?t kho?ng th?i gian la 2 phut 12 giay d? co th? chuy?n m?t do?n video 1080p n?ng 205 MB sang d?nh d?ng 720p trong iMovie sau khi da s? d?ng hi?u ?ng Dream va Enhance tool. Khi so sanh tren tro choi World Of Warcraff v?i thi?t l?p d? phan gi?i 1440x900 va cac hi?u ?ng ? m?c Good, c? 2 d?u d?t m?c trung binh 46 fps. V?i vi?c c? 2 thi?t b? dem ra so sanh d?u s? d?ng chip Intel Haswell th? h? 4, cung nhu h? di?u hanh Yosemite cho phep qu?n ly nang lu?ng m?t cach t?i uu, k?t qu? thu du?c th?t dang kinh ng?c. V?i vi?c s? d?ng pin l?n hon (ngu?c l?i v?i kich c?), chi?c Air 13-inch co th?i gian s? d?ng t?i 12 gi? 50 phut thong qua Laptop Baterry Test (Lu?t web thong qua s? d?ng Wifi). V?i c? 2 phien b?n 11-inch va 13-inch c?a Macbook Air, chung ta d?u co th? tu? ch?n nang c?p c?u hinh len Intel Core i7 1,7 Ghz v?i 150 USD va 8GB RAM v?i 100 USD. Ch?c ch?n s? th?t kho d? co th? "phan" r?ng Macbook Pro hay Macbook Air m?i la th? t?t hon.
Ha N?i: T?ng 20, Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i. T?ng 17, 19, 20, 21 Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i. Address: T?ng 20, Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i. This weeks featured Mac setup is the awesome workstation of Spiros P., the owner of a production company who has a really great pro setup. You can also browse through other Mac setups if you like to check out other workstations, how people use their Apple gear, or just want some inspiration for your own setup. Looks like the answers got truncated or something though, I would be interested to know more about the hardware components and software used! Apple does a lot of the display handling for you so you don’t have to think about any of this. Applications that render vector graphics, text and other elements to their own backing store will need hand tuning to look good on the Retina Display. It’s a bit complicated and confusing so let me try my best to explain what’s going on here in a practical sense.

In the default “best for Retina Display” setting, the desktop, menu bar, icons and Finder windows are drawn at 2880 x 1800, but they are drawn larger than they would normally be at 2880. Third party applications without specific Retina Display support also operate in this same “looks like 1440 x 900” mode.
If third party applications use Apple’s standard methods of drawing text and windows, all of these windows will look super sharp. Even though Adobe had a Retina-aware version of Photoshop running at Apple’s WWDC keynote, the publicly available version of CS6 doesn’t feature the same support.
It’s not just third party applications that need updating however, even Apple’s own iWork suite has yet to be updated to take advantage of the Retina Display. Eventually most apps will by default open in high resolution, such as those that have been optimized for Retina Display operation (e.g. Where things get really exciting is when you have an application that not only handles scaling properly, but also takes advantage of the added resolution.
If you select the 1680 x 1050 or 1920 x 1200 scaling modes, Apple actually renders the desktop at 2x the selected resolution (3360 x 2100 or 3840 x 2400, respectively), scales up the text and UI elements accordingly so they aren’t super tiny (backing scale factor = 2.0), and downscales the final image to fit on the 2880 x 1800 panel.
It probably wouldn't happen since other manufacturers are more focused on cutting corners and driving costs down as much as possible. V?y nen khi nh?c d?n Macbook c?a Apple, nhi?u ngu?i s? cho r?ng d? l?a ch?n hon khi ch? co 2 lo?i la Macbook Pro va Macbook Air. Bai so sanh s? d?a tren 7 tieu chi, bao g?m: Thi?t k?, man hinh hi?n th?, cac c?ng k?t n?i, hi?u su?t, tu?i th? pin, gia c?, c?u hinh va d? tu? bi?n. V? co b?n thi thi?t k? nay c?a Air khong thay d?i so v?i phien b?n 2013 c?a no, trong khi chi?c Macbook Pro da co s? thay d?i dang k?: n?ng 1,62 kg va day 0,71 inch. M?c du con s? 0,28 kg chenh l?ch nghe co v? khong dang k?, b?n v?n s? c?m th?y s? khac bi?t ro r?t khi mang 2 chi?c may nay tren tay.
Trong khi no s? h?u man hinh Retina v?i d? phan gi?i 2560 x 1600 pixels, chi?c Air l?i ch? co m?t man hinh v?i d? phan gi?i 1440 x 900 pixels. Con trong so sanh v? d? chinh xac c?a mau s?c, k?t qu? c?a Pro la 2,3 so v?i 2,5 c?a Macbook Air (cang g?n 0 cang t?t). Trong khi do nh?ng chi?c Pro 2014 co 2 c?ng USB 3.0, 2 c?ng Thunderbolt 2, m?t c?ng HDMI va m?t khe c?m th? nh? SDXC. Trong khi do Macbook Pro co b? vi x? ly 2,6 GHz Intel Core i5-4278U, 8GB RAM va s? d?ng Card d? ho? Intel Iris.
Con khi th?c hi?n nhan doi m?t t?p tin da phuong ti?n 5GB, t?c d? c?a 2 chi?c may la kha can b?ng v?i 190,3 MBps(Air) va 185,7 MBps(Pro). Khi th?c hi?n test Cinebench OpenGL, di?m s? c?a Macbook Pro cung ch? la 21.33 so v?i 18,47 c?a Macbook Air.
V?i phien b?n gia 1.199 USD, nh?ng chi?c Air s? co ? c?ng Flash 256GB (Co th? tang len d?n 512 GB khi them vao 300 USD).
Tuy nhien thong qua cac s? li?u so sanh, chung ta co th? co du?c m?t k?t qu?: N?u b?n la ngu?i khong qua chu tr?ng vao s?c m?nh hay doi h?i man hinh hi?n th? vu?t tr?i, hay ch?n Macbook Air d? phu h?p v?i tui ti?n c?a b?n. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! The formatting is displaying weird on my browser though, like there are too many line breaks in some of the lists. The 15.4-inch Retina Display has a native resolution of 2880 x 1800, that’s 2880 pixels across and 1800 pixels down for a total area of 5,184,000 pixels. If you fire up Chrome, Photoshop or Word you’ll see that everything looks identical to how it would look on a standard resolution 15-inch MacBook Pro. If they don’t however, whatever routines they use to display windows and text will need to be Retina aware otherwise they run the risk of not scaling text properly. As a result we can fit almost an entire 2880 x 1800 image on the screen without zooming out. The UI elements are scaled up but the video window is displayed unscaled, thus allowing us to display a full 1080p video alongside text and tools that are still legible. This is possible because our screen is actually rendered at 3360 x 2100, with the text and UI elements scaled up so they aren’t super tiny, yet the image is left unscaled. Despite the fact that we’re able to fit everything into a single screen, the text and other UI elements are totally usable at this setting.

Here you just choose the appropriate resolution and you get the same scaling you normally would in the game. What applications like Aperture, iPhoto, iMovie and Final Cut HD offer, is unbridled resolution independence. Great for making their products more accessible but not so good for putting in bleeding edge technology. C? 2 chi?c may nay d?u co thi?t k? tinh t? c?a Apple v?i v? nhom, ban phim mau den va touchpad thong minh. L?i th? nay c?a Macbook Pro th? hi?n ro qua cac ?ng d?ng d? ho?, cac hi?u ?ng tren cac ?ng d?ng doi h?i hi?n th? cao c?p nhu Photoshop CS6, cac tro choi hay ch? don gi?n la cac hi?u ?ng ch?y tren n?n web.
L?i th? nay cho phep Macbook Pro co th? h? tr? t?i 2 man hinh 2560x1600 pixels hay them m?t man hinh ph? d? phan gi?i 1080p. Tuy nhien cai gi cung co nhu?c di?m c?a no khi Macbook Air t?n nhi?u hon 2 ti?ng d?ng h? d? s?c d?y nang lu?ng. Con n?u b?n la ngu?i yeu thich s?c m?nh ph?n c?ng, man hinh hi?n th? tuy?t v?i hay doi h?i hi?u su?t va s? h? tr? t?t hon, s? ch?ng co ly do gi ngan b?n l?a ch?n Macbook Pro lam b?n d?ng hanh trong cong vi?c. We share many workstations, but tend to prefer the longer form Q&A format, so do take a moment to answer some questions about the hardware and software and how you use your setup, take a few high quality pictures, and send it on in!
Points in OS X are now floating point values, as a single point can be represented by multiple pixels on a high density display. In the case of the former you get 1:1 point to pixel mapping, while in the latter each point is backed by four pixels.
This approach provides the best image quality as there’s integer mapping from pixels on the panel to pixels on the desktop.
Again, the screen is drawn at 2880 x 1800 but everything is scaled up to be the same size it would be at 1440 x 900. It has been roughly three years since Apple last updated the iWork suite, so the applications are definitely due for an overhaul. Those applications that are not yet Retina aware may default to opening in low resolution mode (e.g. Remember the backing scale factor isn’t global, individual elements on the screen can be scaled independently depending on their purpose. The resulting image isn’t as perfect as it would be at the default setting because you have to perform a floating point filter down to 2880 x 1800, but it’s still incredibly good. What Apple has done here is so much more difficult than what it pulled off in iOS with the Retina Display. V?y nen hay th? cung chung toi tim hi?u xem li?u Macbook Pro hay Macbook Air m?i la th? "t?t" hon nhe. Macbook Air khong th? lam du?c di?u nay khi ch? co th? h? tr? them m?t man hinh ngoai co d? phan gi?i 2560x1600 pixels. Con n?u b?n mu?n co c?u hinh m?nh nh?t, b?n s? c?n them 900 USD d? co b? vi x? ly Core i7 3.0 GHz, RAM 16GB va ? c?ng dung lu?ng 1TB. The backing scale factor isn’t a global value, it can be set on a per element basis, allowing controls to to be legible while you get the benefits of a higher resolution for additional screen real estate. Adium, Pages), in which case they'll look and behave like they would at 1440 x 900 but with all UI elements upscaled to fit the 2880 x 1800 panel.
It will take time for third party application developers to get on board, but with the power of the Mac app store and Apple’s growing install base of Mac users I suspect we will see incredibly quick adoption of support for the MacBook Pro’s Retina Display. Bitmapped images are scaled up using linear interpolation, but if higher resolution assets are provided OS X can simply swap and use those on a Retina Display.
It’s quite possible that a major iWork update is imminent and Apple didn’t see the need to update 3 year old software in lieu of that.

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