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Photoshop jagged brushes gallery (#192) 100 Powerful graphics including scratchy, distressed, cross line, cutting, weird wonderful backgrounds, extreme lines and more for PS, PSP, Pages, GIMP, Elements etc. They can be used in basic RGB mode, they can also be used in CMYK image mode as well as the gray color mode and LAB mode and others.
You can use them as is and just open the document via the place command and the layer can then be used with the 3D menu create an extrude feature.
You can load them into the amazing new app from Serif called Affinity Photo (there is also a companion tool called Affinity Designer) via the file open command as well as the place command as well. Elegant Stripes Opener - Project For After Effects (Videohive)14 Days Free Access to USENET! Easily customizable with any color or font, change the size of the text panels, and even brand the graphic with your own logo or icon. Set includes thin presets, thick presets, low corner density, crackled jagged brushes, faded, basic presets and more.

They are great for logos, applications, backgrounds, textures, patterns, books, illustrations, fashions, textiles, documents, mugs, posters, adverts and much more. You can use them to create new items that can be used in turn to create new items for sale CU4CU. The zip file contains the strokes along with the documentation and gallery and serial as well as a selection of useful actions that can be used in countless ways (you don't have to use them but they may give some ideas and hints on how to adapt the artworks included in the set). You can also use them as stroke via the paint tools etc and add dabs to a layer and then you can use that also with the 3D menu and create an extrusion. They can also be used in different separate channels such as red channel and green blue (as well as cyan, magenta etc) channel etc, so they can become instantly wow.
They can be used to create logos, books, documentation, textiles, cards, videos, packaging, cards, posters, skateboards, leaflets, web pages and much more. The extrusion can be modified by a number of 3D transform tools such as scale and rotate etc as well as add twists and bevels etc and also a number of materials (though not as comprehensive as many other apps such as Poser etc) can be added.
Use the pen tool with a current fill of nil and a stroke of black and then add anchor points randomly across the document and you will then end up with a very jagged set of lines (especially if you have gone up and down and left to right and overlapped the points. You can expand the zip using the standard features of the host application but if not then you will need some additional software to expand the work and that can be done via a number of free apps that can be found by a quick search on google or bing etc. The result can be used as a 3D model and rendered or it can be exported as a new file such as in Google Earth format or STL or OBJ etc.

To see the panel, go to the view menu and studio menu command and select the required panel. Use in all the colors, use in different color modes, use with Photoshop gradients and styles and much more. You can then add all kinds of jitter and other settings to create a truly unique tool for use throughout the app.
You can also use them as a tile via the gradient tool (bitmap option needs to be selected) as well as the fill layer command found via the layer menu. You can also use them as a great source for displacements via the displace live filter as well as the displace filter and you can also use them with the apply image command to bring in a file as a backdrop etc to any image.
You can open the files and also make any number of modifications such as adding effects such as blurs or perhaps using the powerful mirror tool in Affinity and then saving that as a new PNG file and then using that as a new stroke in the app or perhaps tile.
You can use it to create all kinds of unique scattered and line themed artworks for your projects.

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