Please make sure your version of Photoshop is up-to-date and that the Creative Cloud app is up-to-date as well. Photoshop CS5 will install and run on 10.10 (but you do have to install Java (JRE) which was used for CS Live services in CS5). It appears that the OS updater is corrupting PS CS5 if it was installed prior to updating to Yosemite. Hi Robin, i have same problem on Photoshop CS6 (13.02) so when i using brush its not reply to any shortcut like zoom in or out, panning and etc, and yea after choosing another tool and then back to brush its works.
This problem of shortcuts drove me really crazy!!… I could not have find by myself that it was a problem with the Wacom tablet. One another thing is, applying shortcut like command +z or, changing between foreground and background pressing X, have to press several times.
I have to say that I have the same issue, except it isn’t just the brush as it is any tool.
I also looked it up and apparently this is an issue with other PS users where the hotkeys delay or do not work properly.

The only issue I’ve experienced so far is when I try to use the space bar to activate Hand Tool. I downloaded the Java, and it looks like most of the other programs in the suite will load (Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, etc).
Hi Liz, It appears that the OS updater is corrupting PS CS5 if it was installed prior to updating to Yosemite.
Then working in Lightroom 4.4 I tried to send a photo to Photoshop CS5 for further processing. Tried opening iPhoto (OK) and sent an image to CS5 from there (used to be automatic by clicking edit) …with the same result.
Also i notified some slow loading application, opening files and when use color picker tool then back to brush its has small delay.
After using brush-related tool, screen got stuck and have to manually choose the other part of the photoshop and it comes back.
Using hot keys in quick succession ie: brush(b) to eraser (e) so I will be stuck on the brush tool even when I hotkeyed for the eraser tool, etc.

Quit or Exit other running applications one-by-one until the keyboard shortcuts work in Photoshop. It will change if i keep clicking the hotkey or if I click on a layer, however it’s still very troublesome. You can certainly try it on a test partition to see if it works well enough for your needs. When i open the photoshop application nothing appears other than the menu selections at the top i.e. When i open the drop down menus to try an open a file it doesn’t let me click on anything.

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