Here are examples of  some of the different types of trees (shown with their default leaves). You can alter the branches height (where the branches begin extruding from the tree), as well as the branches thickness.
If you check the “Randomize Shapes” option, the branches and leaves change every time (even if you keep all other options the same).
With the Randomize button the Branches and Leaves attributes are changed every time a tree is created. If, on the other hand, you uncheck “Randomize Shapes”, you can render trees with identical branches and leaves.
After you have created the desired tree, use the Custom menu at the top of the Trees dialog to save those settings to use in the future or share with friends. I have also found that Puppet warp can be very helpful when trying to make small adjustments to a tree to reshape them. Tried to update again – this time using CC interface, before I used UPDATE in PHOTOSHOP. Although the feature was first available in the CC release, it was greatly improved for the 2014 release and was made much more discoverable by moving it  (from the hard-to-find option under scripted patterns within the Fill dialog), to the Filter menu. Leaves and Branches can have natural or flat shading and leaves can be rendered with additional contrast. In the illustration below, the first and second tree was rendered with the Randomize Shapes checked and you can see that they’re identical. The Arrangement slider was then used to modify the third and fourth trees (Arrangement set to 50 and 100). Living in the filter menu, it  is able to create a live preview and can render the trees 5-15 times faster than before. Bottom Row: Normal, Flat Shading, and Enhanced Contrast applied to leaves, and custom branch color applied. If, however, you do not like the shape of the branches and leaves on the tree you can use the Arrangement slider to modify them. For example, using the custom shape tool to create a heart and then creating a Willow or Pine tree without any leaves is illustrated below.
In addition, you can choose from over 30 tree types and refine them using several new parameters including the ability to change the size and type of leaves as well as the height of branches. For example, if you automate the Tree filter using Actions, each tree will be unique in the forest.
In the third and fourth tree below, I kept the Randomize Shapes unchecked but moved the arrangement slider to create a different combination of branches and leaves. They can be altered (randomized) to create slightly different, unique trees every time the filter is run!!

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