Find beauty in uncommon things – The height, texture and colors of this overgrown field create a great backdrop and make the couple really pop against it. Find your favorite colors in nature – I love the little pops of color this orchard of persimmon trees adds to this photo. Find a venue that plays with scale  – How about this forrest of tall white trees in Santa Fe, Spain captured by Sean Flanigan? Rolling on a river – There something about a river that makes you feel like a kid again, which helps to create a playful setting for the couple and will get you some memorable shots. Consider your favorite hobby – This couple loves boating + being out on the water, so they took their photos at Stiltsville (a group of wood stilt houses located over the water near Miami).
A whole new world – The colorful + fun backdrops at Salvation Mountain make for great photos and seem to be from either another world or your favorite cartoon. City Love – If you both love the city, check out your local arts district (below from Las Vegas) for some colorful + unique backdrops. There’s something inherently romantic about travel, so why not include your favorite method of transportation into your shoot.
If you love vintage, photos by old planes at the Opa-Locka Airport make for a stunning backdrop. Announcing the San Francisco Bay Area’s Totally Awesome Award Winners from Red Tricycle (RedTri) for 2013 – Niall David Photography Wins for Most Awesome Photographer for the Second Year in a Row! Photographs, illustrations, videos and other works on this site by other creators are copyrighted by the respective entity and are attributed accordingly.

Daily Blog ArchiveAn archive of a year of daily posts from travel in faraway places, rock shows, the streets of the city and beyond. I never tire of looking at them, but since many of you haven’t scouted shoot locations before, I thought it would be fun to highlight some unique locations for you to consider for your own engagement photos. So they were resourceful and found these great sand dunes in Cali that reminded them of Africa.
Lying in this dry riverbed may not be relaxing, but the temporary discomfort is all worth it when you see the beautiful colors and shapes of the riverbed beneath them that Priscila Valentina captured. Find your own spot of significance, perhaps at your local fair, and select a nice graphic element and snap some great photos like this one captured by Jen Huang. My fiance and I are Canadian political nerds so we had our photos taken in our capital city, Ottawa. We recently took ours on a pier, not so original but you can never go wrong with the ocean!
Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful tips for brides & grooms to be out there. I adore those photos in the water, I don’t know, maybe they just seem a little more intimate than the rest of them, exactly what I want!
I love the industrial feel of these places and definitely expect to use every little nook and cranny at some point for some really cool gritty photoshoot locations. Niall collaborates with both private and commercial clients who greatly appreciate family, friends, people & relationships, art & design, creativity & expression, and deeply value and revere the art of photography.

Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire the two of you to get creative + have as much fun selecting your location as you do picking out your wardrobe for the shoot. From the description, under the bridge doesn’t seem like very romantic location for a shoot, but look below to see rad photos that play with scale and lighting and you just may change your mind!
Pick a location that has meaning for the two of you or just go with a backdrop you both love! Broken down rusty truck trailers, decommissioned factories, rotting buildings and shipyards abound. You’ll look + feel great, plus who doesn’t love getting their hair + makeup done?! Specializing in personalized, customized photo shoots and quick thinking to bring you artistic brilliance through the magic of photography. Niall is currently accepting commercial, business marketing, editorial and event photography assignments in a variety of genres including: branding, portraits, architecture and interior design, documentary, landscapes, stock photography and more.

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