Kimbell Photography, Utah photographer located in Layton Utah providing on-location photo shoots. Scheduled a photoshoot with model and actress Courtnea Hyland  in Salt Lake City this weekend.
Kimbell Photography is located in Layton Utah with over 20 years of experience in photography, photo restoration and video production. Scheduled a photoshoot with model and actress Courtnea Hyland in Salt Lake City this weekend.

Julie found and had an idea of using a great wall full of colorful graffiti she spotted to use a backdrop. Photographer providing on-location photo shoots in all of Utah including Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Box Elder, Cache, Morgan, Summit, and Utah counties. Its hard to find anyone let alone models interested in freezing for a photo, but sometimes you find a few.
Photography services include wedding photography, family portraits, senior portraits, glamour and fashion model photography portfolios, as well as commercial and business portrait photography and aerial photography.

So, I thought I would get some more photos in the same dark dingy parking garage that I shot Nineveh Dinha in last weekend. Ran the  idea by Courtnea and she was actually wanting to capture some images in a parking garage, so it worked perfectly.

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