Your friendly costume enthusiast keeping you updated on what's new in the world of dress-up! We’ve received word about a new adventure in Wonderland that sent Alice Kingsley out of the rabbit hole a different woman. The Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume¬†offers the Tim Burton movie design, but in a shorter style with a form fitting and curve hugging fit. We accessorized the costume with thigh high stockings, a curly blonde wig and a white rabbit purse to add to the look of this classic fairytale character. Kelly was going for an innocent and cute look in some of her pictures and then a sexier, confident look in the others.

It still has the signature baby blue dress featuring lace short sleeves with the Victorian-era lace neckline trimmed in black ribbon. Photographer Tim Vo agreed that he was working on showing that Alice is sexy,¬† but she doesn’t know it. Alice Kingsley of Wonderland has come back feeling confident, sexy and ready for her next adventure. This sexy Alice dress comes complete with a blue headband with black bow and an attached black petticoat. He agreed that the leg warmers are super cute and sexy adding that he highly recommends completing your costume with them!

When Kelly Ruiz was modeling the flirty version of the Mia Wasikowska dress, she was impressed by the quality of the costumes stating that it was one of the better costumes that she has worn and adding that it fit really nicely.
The long curly blonde hair on the costume wig will add an authentic look to your Alice in Wonderland movie costume and comes complete with a removable black headband.

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