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If I were to describe my wedding in two words: it would be a little bit vintage and a little bit rustic.
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None of the elements in the painting are isolated, as Renoir created a fluid interactive motion through clever use of light and brush strokes. This stems from my love of all things vintage (I have a love affair with the stories and people connected to the things of the past) and my groom’s love of all things rustic (growing up, he and his dad singlehandedly built a beautiful log cabin for their family). This painting allows the viewers to time travel and see the charming atmosphere of the time for themselves. Look at the light source – beginning at the top left of the painting, it travels diagonally up to the seated man (Caillebotte) and lends a sparkle to everything on its way. So it is a chain of events that make you connected from one happening to the next happening.
My dress, which I found on a black friday sale, is a Maggie Sottero lace gown in the most perfect of candlelight ivories. Placed against the backdrop of the Seine, at the Maison Fournaise restaurant in Chatou, he has included a former mayor, an actress, a seamstress (Aline Charigot, in the foreground with the dog), a bureaucrat and an Italian journalist – all within the same frame!
Simultaneously, the woman at the railing (Alphonsine Fournaise, the proprietor’s daughter) is in a separate exchange of sorts with the man turned towards her (Baron Raoul Barbier, former mayor of colonial Saigon).

When you keep in mind the above mentioned elements it will be very easy for you to open up to have a broader vision, positivity and acceptance for failure. It is beaded lace and hugs my curves to my hips then ends with layers of lace and tulle ruffles (an exact replica of my mom’s gown, which was originally my grandmothers it pretty much set the tone for the whole wedding! So be like a shadow someone would cherish always and learn from.Here I have a collection of 39 stunning logo design ideas for graphic designers. So before you shut down to the stereotyping designs, bring vitality and vivaciousness in your projects. Remember the stance of the logos should not be vague and ambiguous, they should look vocal and communicative to impart their meaning and perspective without having to describe them in words.

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