Pretty Easter egg coloring techniques and crafty decorating tutorials from some talented folks around the web.
Rubber band patterned eggs and paper flowers decorated eggs; by Jennifer Bartoli of Chocolate Shavings for Style at Home.
Pretty stuff, right?  Hope you guys find the time this week to create your own gorgeous Easter eggs.  Happy Spring ! Dana & Shalom AbukasisMelbourne, AustraliaWe have been looking for a piece of photography for some time to use as a feature art piece in our home, and we instantly fell in love with the Unda River photo by Matej Michalik.
Boston Harborwalk during nighttime at the city with beautiful buildings in the downtown Boston area.

Amazing sunrise over the West Palm Beach City waterway along Flagler Street at the Palm Beach Marina. In the following lines you can find some information about me and what black and white photography means to me, what actually black and white fine art photography is and why I use the long exposure techniques. The simplicity of the moment and the stunning background together creates an amazing photograph. In my blog you can also read some stories about how some of the photographs were taken, what I was thinking about when I pressed the shutter, my vision of its final image, which programs I use to convert to black and white in the post process as well as the information about the gear I used. Here you can also find interviews with my favorite black and white photographers who I am in contact with and whose work I really like. It was a bold, beautiful depiction of how something so clean and simple can be so powerful and captivating.Jacquie PackerNew ZealandWe would like to offer our personal recommendation of Matej Michalik photographic work.

Our packaging had a strong black and white theme that is complimented by the monochromatic images. I was both stunned and very pleased to find images that looked exactly as they do on your site but with the added depth and crispness that a physical print adds.

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