The sketches, done freehand in a single take before being retouched in post-production, are drawn using a mixture of charcoal sticks and graphite pencils and can take up to a week to complete.
The works form part of the artist's Pencil Vs Camera series, started in 2010, which feature a photograph of sketches held up against a real-life background.
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The beautiful effect is achieved with a combination of Ranger products : alcohol inks, jet black archival ink and Glossy Accents (a dimensional glue) which are available from Michaels and art stores. Even if you aren't into this kind of metal effect, her tutorial is still worth a look because she has a wonderful way of making a frame for thin copper pendant. She also tried the coloring technique on aluminum soda cans (shown below) which is a great source of thin metal.
We shot this tutorial using a Canon DSLR, a Canon EF 100mm f2.8 Macro lens mounted on a tripod. We used the Modahaus TS320 Smartcase as a light diffusing and reflection control enclosure. In this first image above we shot the pendant and had to adjust the exposure manually so we achieved a pure white background with a soft shadow beneath the pendant.

You can also add some strips of black insulating tape or gaffer tape to the inside of the Smartcase and position them exactly where you need them. Immediately you can see the pendant has now picked up some useful reflections which are now giving enhanced depth and edge definition to the pendant and we still have that nice soft shadow beneath. A quick crop in image editing software takes away the black surround and we have the final shot. About ModahausModahaus is a subsidiary brand of Edinburgh based McColl Productions Limited.
We produce innovative tabletop photo studios and document scanners designed for durability, portability and ease of use with all sorts of cameras including smartphones and tablets. Our no fabric, no wrinkle designs eliminate unwanted shadows typically seen with traditional light tents. However, the series is permanently evolving and in these larger works - the majority of which measure 13.5ft x 10 ft - the artist actually features in the shot. With this quick one minute tip you can add real depth and definition to your silver jewelry photography. Controlling reflections and the softness of your lighting is essential for any jewelry photography.

Whilst this shot is OK, you can see we are loosing highlight detail in the silver and more importantly we are loosing edge definition in the pendant. There’s an important added benefit to introducing the black surround to your image frame. The pendant has good depth and edge definition and the soft shadow beneath helps ground piece. I use a rolling mill as I work with many different gauges of metal - but that isn't something everyone has in their studio. This saves time when shooting with a DSLR and if you’re shooting with a Compact Camera or Smartphone it ensures you can easily get into the right exposure zone.

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