A few of you have asked how I set up the background for the photos I posted on the blog the other day.
We are fortunate enough to have a big great room with huge windows that let in a lot of light so I set up against a empty wall in there. The key to getting those gorgeous big bubbles of light in the background is to locate your subject a decent distance from the lights while at the same time positioning yourself as close to your subject as you can be to get the shot you want and setting the aperture on your camera just about as wide open as you can. If you’d like to do a little further reading,  here are a couple of links to tutorials that I found helpful before trying this myself.
Thank you ?? the lights in the tutorial are traditional bulbs but I did the same set up with my kids this year and used LED and they worked just fine.
Not to be deterred, I decided to stick with the plan and just use different lyrics.  Then I found these free chalkboard printables from Nest of Posies on Pinterest. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Totally Love It is your number one source for DIY and Crafts, Celebrity Gossip, Fitness and The Latest Workouts, Beauty Tips, Family Advice and more! Add a touch of magic and beauty to your wedding decor with these unique personalized favors. Wanderfuls are one-of-a-kind personalized favors that YOU can design in any color to match your wedding theme!
These Wedding Favors are available in different sizes and can be customized to give you a more elegant or festive look. Ready to customize your own bouquet?Visit our Build Your Bouquet page, try our design tool and create your own unique centerpiece. You will probably find a few variations floating around pinterest but here’s how I was able to translate and pull this off at our house.

My camera settings for most of the shots you saw were f1.8,  ISO 640 and shutter speed around 250. Prop Insanity has a great one with pictures of their actual studio set up using this type of background and Digitial Photography School has a great article on How to Take Beautiful Bokeh Christmas Images . A white sheet would work or some kind of white seamless paper (think large poster board sheets). Your not going to want to go too wide with 4 because odds are they will move around a bit and you’ll end up with some soft faces.
I'm Jen, just your average well caffeinated, camera wielding, multitasking, plain vanilla mom to three boys. In 8 basic steps you can create a beautiful Wax Paper Backdrop for your or your friend’s wedding. Like flowers but better because each guest gets to take their personalized party favor home with them!
Look what many of our clients have done to make their Wanderfuls unique for their special event. Call NOW to speak to a Wanderfuls Designer who will help create a personalized and customized party favor filled with your choice of gourmet candy filling. Your guest will be AMAZED when they walk into the room, and see your beautiful centepiece, and realize they double as wedding favors! Every guest loves to take a home a memento, so make sure they can remember your special day forever.
Cut down sides of cup at each mark from mark at mouth of cup to mark at base of cup leaving approximately ?” [0.5 cm] uncut at base. Begin weaving with new color, trapping yarn tails between weaving and inside of cup as you go.

16 Free Printables You’ll LoveSummer is on the horizon, and that means lazy days are in store! In just under a week you can surprise your mom with fun handmade gifts that will just melt her heart. Light is coming in from Windows to the right and entry way to the left. I taped three strands of white lights (with white cords) to the wall and laid a white sheet on the floor. Some key things to remember would be try to keep their faces all on the same plane of focus, that will allow you to shoot a little wider. Doing it this way worked out to be hundreds of dollars cheaper than if I’d paid a professional to make the signs! This tutorial from Yarnspirations fits the bill and we are so excited to share it with you. Place end of new second color inside cup, skipping one weaving strip (see green yarn in photo). Glue braid around top edge of cup, cutting to size and securing ends at inside of cup with glue (cut off any knots to avoid bulk). You really just need to play around with it a bit depending on your lighting situation and what not.
Keep in mind the closer you are to them and the further away from the background they are the more bokeh you will get!

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