This is HDR photography of my family at Putrajaya Millenium Monument which not in the photo. This is HDR Photography from my wife Hometown taken yesterday at Hari Raya Qurban Feast for 2010.
Hari Raya AidilAdha 2010 in HDR PhotographyThis is the rest of the HDR photo taken at the Aidiladha Feast at KG Lakai, Jelebu. Aidilfitri Night Scene in HDR PhotographyThis is HDR photography of my house at the night of Aidilfitri this year (2010). Cara Mudah Membuat Karikatur Dari Foto Dengan Photoshop - Cara Mudah Membuat Karikatur Dari Foto Dengan Photoshop, Sekarang saatnya buat karikatur,cari kemana-mana akhirnya menemukan artikel tutorial yang bagus cara buat . Tutorial Photoshop Bahasa Indonesia - Belajar Photoshop - Belajar Photoshop bahasa Indonesia, disertai dengan file pembelajaran seperti PDF, PSD , Video, Brush, Action dan tips trik dalam mengolah photo. 35 Kumpulan Tutorial Desain Menggunakan Photoshop - 35 Kumpulan Tutorial Desain Menggunakan Photoshop 11 October, 2009 .

Trikmudahphotoshop - Belajar Photoshop Dengan Mudah - Cara Memainkan Game ps 2 di PC Terbaru 2016 Hay semua , Tutorial kali ini yang akan kita Bahasa adalah memainkan game ps2 di pc . ILMUGRAFIS STORE - Pusat Video Tutorial Dan Bahan Setting - CD Tutorial Photoshop Desain Grafis ( PSD DG ) Desain Grafis, Special Effect, Manipulasi Foto, Retouching Foto. Tutorial Lengkap Cara Install Adobe Photoshop CS6 2016 - Berikut Ini adalah tutorial lengkap bagaimana cara untuk install Adobe Photoshop CS6 pada Windows 10 [Update 2016] Simak dan perhatikan step by step nya .
CARA MENGGANTI TANDA TANGAN DAN STEMPEL DI PHOTOSHOP - MEDIA - cara mengganti tanda tangan dan stempel di photoshop pada lembar pengesahan atau surat resmi. This HDR photo process from single RAW file 7 exposure, blend in Photomatix and Enhanced in Adobe Photoshop. Berbagai teknik dan trik dalam penggunaan Photoshop digabungkan dalam kumpulan artikel ini yang . This is Strobist plus single RAW HDR photo proses in Photomatix and enhanced in Adobe Photoshop.

Added by jason on 2015-05-07 Create Easy Cartoon Effect in PhotoshopEasy Photoshop tutorial, how to make or give effect comics and cartoons on an image by combining features of existing filters in Photoshop, with plugins and adjustments layers to create effects such as cartoons and comics with easy and fast, requiring only a few minutes in the editing. This photo also taken handheld and that is one of the reason I can’t bracket this shot and also because of too many movement of t people in this photo.
Next post I will show you another family HDR photo taken with the monument and also with strobist. The photo taken with one hand holad and press the shutter while my another hand holding the external flash position top left of the camera using the Phottix Aster transmitter and receiver.

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