Stabilizing your camera with your elbows, maximizing points of contact, adjusting for vertical shots, controlling your breathing, and modifying your stance are just a few of the ways you can achieve sharper photos without using a tripod. Apparently, you’re not aware that popups are acts of hostility toward website visitors. All pieces of advice seem to be correct with the exception of the one when taking a portrait orientation. Celso: I’ve been wondering the same thing as soon as I saw the picture — what is it with so many photographers turning the shutter up in portrait mode? We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.

Simply take some time to practice these techniques, and they’ll become second nature. I started my photography training 18 years ago, and I’ve been automatically turning it down right from the start — same as everybody I ever worked with. I too was trained to turn my camera to the right when shooting in portrait orientation (or vertical as we called it). It have what some would call a large nose and you would think that shutter down would be what I naturally default to but after 14 years it is still very uncomfortable. The other way forces your arms to rest against your chest which is far more stable than having one of the arms totally hanging in the air!

My nose actually gets in the way sometimes and inadvertently presses buttons on the back of the camera. I remember working for a photo studio a while back and we got a system to take passport pictures where the camera was permanently and in a fixed way attached to a tripod with the the shutter up. I hated it, and after a little while I started to get massive problems with my right shoulder — to the point where I couldn’t lift my arm anymore without pain and I had to see a doctor.

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