Thank you for this, I use the Rebel XS, just received it as a gift a few weeks ago and very new to photography but loving what I have learnt so far.
I am awfully new to photography and just about to invest in the lumix G5, I have only owned point and shoots in the past. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.
Flash photography is the use of a camera flash bulb in a variety of possible situations where there doesn’t seem to be enough light.
But there are many other situations where the flash could be used, such as using fill-flash when the background is brighter than the subject, using the flash to light up a room and creating better coloring, or using the flash to freeze a moving object in a dark situation. In typical indoor situations there will probably not be enough light to take a normal hand-held well-exposed photo.
In order to take effective indoor flash photos there are some techniques you should keep in mind. This would normally create somewhat of a silhouette effect, but a fill flash would balance the photo nicely.
Many cameras have a red-eye reduction mode where the flash may fire before the picture is taken in order to cause the subjects’ pupils to contract. A slow sync flash is for more complicated exposures and is used commonly to create blurry long exposures.
Many photographers also choose to bounce the flash off a wall or ceiling to get a softer, diffused kind of light commonly sought after for portraits. Practice using flash in your photos even when it is not necessarily needed and pay attention to your results. Canon has been pretty consistent with its line of cameras that include the most recent Canon EOS 70D. The 80D is not the camera you should look at for breakthrough technology due to its place in the market but expect the Dual Pixel AF and touchscreen LCD to remain.
There is no mention of it in rumors yet, but I think the 80D will have to feature a clean HDMI output for capturing uncompressed video to an external recorder like the Atomos Ninja 2.
In any event, these are all still rumors at this point and could really just be logical assumptions based on what we’ve seen in previous models. The wireless charging is fine for some people, but I personally have no use or care for it. Dell printers provide top-end photographic prints that won't leave you overdrawn at the bank.
The Olympus patents are interesting, but if either one emerges then they are likely to be very expensive, as in I would expect both to retail north of AU$4000, and probably north of AU$6000 for the 300-500. Dismay about the likely price aside, I’m sure they would be sought after by wildlife photographers, birdos in particular.
If you want to photograph your subject from head to toe carefully choose your aperture setting to allow your subject to be totally in focus.

Give your subject something to hold, I often use flowers with children, even boys look adorable with flowers. I need advice on which lens to buy with it, should I just get the one that comes with the kit or buy the body separately and a better lens, I do not want to have to upgrade anytime soon?
The most common use of flash photography is group portraits at gatherings where there is not enough light to take a satisfactory exposure. The reason it would come out blurry is because the shutter would be open long enough for any minor hand shake to distort the composition.
When using the flash do not point it directly at a mirror or glass that will create a lens flare or just ruin the photo. Fill flash can be used for sunny day portraits for shadows on a subject’s face or to fill any shaded area that is out of the sunlight. In order for this technique to work, you must be careful to stay in flash range, which is usually around four to ten feet. The red-eye reduction modes in newer cameras are surprisingly effective and many work in different ways to contract pupils. The flash fires at the beginning of the exposure, but the shutter still stays open for a moment after the flash has fired. This kind of flash technique requires a flash that can be aimed in a direction that the camera is not pointed.
The best way to become better at flash photography is to analyze your photos and try to figure out what you could have done differently in order to create a better flash-filled exposure. Also, WiFi and NFC are rumored (no surprise there) for the camera and possibly a bump in frame rate to 8fps.
If you need fast, high-quality 4-by-6-inch photographic prints from a printer, take a look at Dell's new Photo Printers.
I have read so many articles that say to rely on aperture priority mode, and that is OK for the first month as you get to know your camera. I try to have light and shade in my background and to keep it very simple, so the subject is the focus.
You gave some basics what to look in taking portrait pictures, and that was exactly what I was looking for. The use of a tripod or higher ISO (or faster film) will probably be needed but many of us do not regularly carry a tripod. With common cameras, in order to add fill flash to a photo, just toggle the flash to go off when it normally would not be needed. It takes practice to refine this technique but many professionals come to use this method almost exclusively.
And now that the Rebel line has gotten more serious with the Rebel T6s, I would expect to see some more advanced features on the Canon EOS 80D, which is expected to arrive in 2016.
It is pretty much a universal feature on everything but the lowest-end cameras (thanks Sony & Nikon), so Canon really has no excuse to exclude it from the 80D.

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I also find when shooting outdoors my favorite portraits end up being the ones that have an endless background, rather than a bush, or a wall. Lucky for me these action creators have made their actions compatible with Photo Shop Elements, and some actions only work with the professional version of Photoshop. What you wrote might seem crazy to someone else who has more experience and knowledge than you. Try to make sure your main subjects are about the same distance away from the flash as each other or some that are closer to the flash will appear brighter than ones that are farther away.
Or the slow sync flash could capture a sunset and freeze a closer subject that is moving through the frame. If most of these features are present in the 80D, it seems like it will be a worthy, if uninspiring, upgrade from the 70D as well. So with that 1.6 crop factor it becomes an 80mm lens that is a perfect perspective to take portraits! Or you may just want to cast light on certain objects in a lighted room that appears too dark for an exposure. In a backlit situation there will be a lot of light in the background but no or little light cast on the front of the subject. There are countless situations where a slow sync flash could possibly be used to enhance an exposure. Since I shoot in the shade I rely on the actions to lighten and brighten my images and they do such a great job! There are also other versions of the sync flash such as the rear sync flash (where the flash fires at the end of an exposure) or the stroboscopic flash (where the flash fires multiple times throughout an exposure). These settings are suggestions to get you to understand what I am saying, so play around with different combination’s to find out what works best.
The one you use has less blades on the shutter, so the bokah is less than desirable and the resolution is not as good as other lenses.
More blades on the shutter make for much smoother bokah and the additional resolution makes printing large easy to accomplish. Today’s cameras with 15-18 MP can resolve much higher for large prints as well, so I am sorry to say that you are using an out of date consumer camera and lens combination. This gives them plenty of room for editing without compromising their resolution on the finished product.

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