Macro photography allows you to go from mundane to artistic by bringing out the extreme details in everyday objects. Watch the video below for 5 quick tips on rain photography to make sure you get the most out of your rainy afternoons. Little chirps and beautiful wings, one can hardly not fall in love with these wonderful creations of nature. Now speaking from the photographers perspective, there would be millions of questions which are of course to be answered in this post here. Take a look at these articles with the best examples and ample tips, I am pretty sure this post would serve more aspirants in this field to beyond them as well.
How often do we think that Bird & Wildlife Photography are only for deep pocket photographers.
Shooting these beautiful creatures from your own backyard, what are the things to be setup, what instruments you might need, Yest there is a shortcut to achieve brilliance in this post. Hearing some tips and valuable information doesnt get better when it comes from a professional Bird Photographer. A Wonderful initiative from Kolkata Birds, where they share some interesting facts and information on the tips and tricks of Bird Photography. This article tells us how beautiful Bird Photography is out there in florida, the variety of birds spread across a beautiful landscape assisting and inspiring every photographer who comes there.

Bird photography can be frustrating at times, and it may seem like you always need a longer lens, but with a little patience and a few little tricks, you’ll be coming home with good bird photos in no time.
The Handbook of Bird Photography distills the knowledge, talent, and experience of three well-known professional wildlife photographers into one beautifully illustrated volume. Turning his camera to the world of birds, Andrew Zuckerman has a created a new body of work showcasing more than 200 stunning photographs of nearly 75 different species.
From the art of the ancient Egyptians to modern-day currency, birds have long captivated the interest of people with their unmatched beauty and grace, their song and their ability to fly. This appealing and informative guide is packed with practical know-how, presenting a wealth of techniques, tips, and hard-won wisdom about everything from the best equipment to use to how to lure or stalk birds until you have the perfect shot.
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Birds will always be a boon to photographers, the delicate moments filled with joy and a spur for everlasting freedom within their wings, vibrant colors and actions giving every single & splendid reason for them to be photographed. We wanted to roundup some spectacular articles from around the web, what would be a master stroke to gain a vast amount of knowledge and inspiration towards Bird Photography.
This Post from Picture Correct proves a point and make it absolutely clear about Budget Photography.
In this post, avid bird photographer Nisha Purushothaman shares some bird photography with us.

Amongst the many challenging aspects of Nature Photography is the art of photographing small birds .
Beginning from the basics to the extreme professionals, this article shows light on various topics inside Bird Photography. It challenges you to understand your subjects, their habitat, the landscape and every last detail of your equipment’s capability. Their quick movements and shy behavior makes taking quality photographs of small birds not only difficult, but at times virtually impossible. Bird photography is one of the most popular genres of nature photography and it is my biggest passion. In this tutorial you will learn 5 simple tips to help you start taking better nature photos. Elements such as light, perch, pose, background: each alone is a difficult element to deal with, and all together leads to a recipe for a lot of frustration.

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