In today’s landscape photography photo tip, we will discover three more ways to get better sunset photography. The last couple articles have focused on adding a person as the star, but the star can be anything. Now that we know what format to shoot with and when the best colors are likely to pop up, we need to know when to shoot so we can actually see something worth hanging on the wall.
I once heard a talk by a master salesman who said that no salesman should ever be at home on a rainy day, because that’s when all his prospective customers will be at home.
There you have it: three more landscape photography photo tips that will give you better sunset photography. Make a note of these landscape photography photo tips then get out there and start shooting! We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.
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Biking is a great way to cross train for runners who are injured or who are just looking to mix it up.
Biking is a great way for a runner to get in additional training without experiencing the impact of pounding the pavement.
Cheap mountain bikes can be found at Wal-Mart or Academy and will run you anywhere from $150-$300. Most courses will have many hills for you to climb and will have your legs burning in no time.
Workouts: Use mountain biking to replace hill repeats or to help prepare your legs for a hilly race. Road bikes are not as versatile as mountain bikes with terrain, but offer a more workout options on the road.
From there you can get into carbon fiber, tri bikes, and time trial bikes that can cost as much as a car. Whilst the majority of landscape images you see are in full colour, black and white landscape photography can bring real impact and drama to your images.
We’re going to look at a few situations where black and white images can be highly effective in producing a shot with real drama. Even if you’ve got good weather a black and white image can prove a good alternative to colour.
I took the shot below in the Lake District, England, it was pretty decent weather, but it’s a good example of the feeling of depth than can be created with a monochrome image. If there’s total cloud cover and no interesting light you may as well leave your camera in the bag and stay at home, right?
I took the shot above on a day with awful light, it was flat as a pancake, but I’ve still got a relatively interesting end result. As well as the main black and white conversion, I’ve added a mild vignette and then burnt a couple of the edges, all processing done in Silver Efex Pro.

Below is another example of a shot I captured on a miserable winter day, similar processing style used to add interest and draw the viewer into the image.
Knowing you can still create good images in bad light is a real boost, as you know you can still go out and shoot with purpose whatever the time of year, and whatever the weather may bring. Hopefully these black and white landscape photography tips help illustrate what is possible, no matter what the weather conditions. I normally do all my conversions in Silver Efex Pro, but if you’ve not got that you could manually Dodge and Burn in Photoshop, use the Channel Mixer, or convert in Lightroom and add vignettes if needed. If you liked this feature you can also sign-up to our newsletter to get our latest tips and tutorials delivered direct to your inbox. Tom Eversley is a designer and photographer from Kent, England, and a contributor to Getty Images. SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTERGet the latest photography news, tutorials and showcase series delivered to your inbox. It could be some birds flying by, a silhouette of a pier, a palm tree, or even a particularly interesting cloud formation. There are a lot of delicate colors in a sunset that just won’t get picked up in JPEG.
A lot of your favorite sunset photos will have been shot after the sun is below the horizon. We can change that slightly to read… No photographer should ever be at home on a rainy day, because that is when the best possible sunset photography presents itself.
Light is the essential part of photography because it will determine the result of your picture.
This will help you focus on one subject so that when viewers see your photo they will not skip their eyes from place to place. If you are injured, be sure to check with your doctor before starting any cross training; you could end up aggravating the injury further. You can get a mountain bike and go ride the trails or you can get a road bike and coast along the highway. To get a full leg workout, get cages or cleats to lock your feet to the pedals so you can push and pull while pedaling. If you want to spend a little extra, you can get an entry level Trek or Cannondale that should handle most trails you will find. Just be careful on the downhills; if you begin going too fast, you may find yourself wrapped around a tree, which would defeat the purpose of cross training. If you don’t know a lot about bikes, find some one who does to look it over before purchasing in order to lower your chances of getting a dud.
I’ve taken a couple of spills that could have been much worse had I not been wearing a helmet. With an effective black and white conversion you can get fantastic contrast between cloud and sky, which can give your image more depth than a regular colour version. If you have an image featuring points of interest with some historical heritage, then a monochrome image can really help set the scene.

In landscape photography these points of interest could be old buildings, boats, abandoned cars etc. Whilst in Lightroom you could also use the Radial Filter to draw more focus to particular points of interest in your image. It doesn’t much matter what you use, as long as you make your sunset photography about something. Plus, shooting in RAW format makes it much easier to later make changes in Photoshop if you should so desire. His philosophy is that learning photography is easy if you know a few tried and true strategies. Unlike sport photography which required advance skill, landscape photography will be suitable for beginner in photography field. And the last thins, if you want to take a sharp picture, you must use tripod which will help you to focus on the object. You can even get a stationary bike and get in a workout from the comfort of your own home or gym. Mountain biking is a lot like trail running in that you’ll be away from the cars and hazards of the road. There is no reason to invest a lot of money into something and then not want to do it (having said that, you get what you pay for). For around $500-$700 you can get an entry level road bike that will do just about anything you can imagine. Road biking can be done at an easy to moderate pace over long distances to work your endurance, done in intervals to work you speed, or done on hills to work your strength. If you are biking on public roads be extremely careful; wear brightly colored clothing and ride in groups if possible to help improve drivers ability to spot you and give you room on the road. Here are some tips about how to landscape picture effectively especially for beginner in photography.
If you want to have soft lighting for your photography, two hours before sunset is the best time to take a picture.
By placing your camera in tripod, it is possible to get a long shutter speed so that you can keep the camera focus and it will result beautiful landscape photo. Often, the rain clouds will begin to break up around sunset and provide the ideal conditions.
During this time, you will get soft light which will give dramatic effect for your photograph.
Get a bike trainer and you now have the ability to turn you bike into a stationary bike for those time crunched or rainy days.
There are enough clouds to reflect all the gorgeous colors, but they’re broken up enough to provide visually interesting patterns.

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