When I first started Moi Contre La Vie two years ago it was intended to be a creative outlet for me to share my passion for fashion, food, and fitness. I discovered an amazing community of bloggers and through them I’ve learned just how much I love other related pastimes like styling photo shoots, party planning, interviews, and photography. Join the MCLV Style Insiders to receive daily blog posts emailed to you, a free newsletter featuring personalized fashion tips & exclusive access to giveaways, surveys, and discounts on styling services. Nikon D3200 – Learn Photography Everything a budding photographer should learn to make the basics right. Not everyone wants to travel to Venezuela to capture the world’s highest falls, but photographing waterfalls is fun and rewarding when you see the results of your efforts in print. No matter which waterfall you choose to photograph, take lots of shots, change lenses, and try different camera settings. Not only have I gotten the chance to shoot some of my talented friends for their websites, I’ve also become one of those people who hauls their giant camera around everywhere they go.
I'm Caity, a San Francisco based freelance writer, stylist, and fashion, food & fitness blogger.
The most disappointing experiences are when you get back to your computer and discover you could have made a few minor adjustments and gotten much better results. So there’s no wireless flash control, magnesium alloy build or 39-point AF system but the underlying image quality is all but identical.

Even if a trip to South America is out of the question, you can find waterfalls that are dramatic because of how tall they are.
Of course, you don’t want to be out in weather that is not conducive to getting good photos, but more importantly, make sure the place your will be traveling to has had enough precipitation. Normal waterfall photographs take in the whole waterfall, but being creative with your position can get you some stunning results. Some of the most dramatic shots are made with either a very slow shutter speed or a very fast shutter speed. You can make use of camera presets such as cloudy or sunlight, but using a filter can change how the camera perceives the correct white balance. You have to get the right lens, probably a wide angle lens, and you must find the right position from which to shoot. Even though early morning and late afternoon are usually the best times for lighting, they may not be optimal for the waterfall you have chosen. A neutral-density filter may be just the thing for adding depth of color range to your shots.
I’ve also learned to share a lot more info about what I know and hoping that others could learn from me too. A high-resolution 3-inch vari-angle LCD monitor makes it easier to compose your shots from difficult angles, while the extensive ISO range of 100-25600 should cope with virtually all lighting conditions.

Find out what the lighting conditions are where you will be shooting to get the best results.
You will want to protect your gear if you are in the spray area, but it may be worth the effort. Also try using a delayed shutter release or remote release switch when using slow shutter speeds.
Then you can set the white balance in your post processing using Photoshop or some other editing software. You will need to combine the bracketed exposures in post processing, or some cameras now have HDR capability built right into the camera software. A 4fps burst shooting mode, 11-point autofocus system with 3D Focus Tracking, High Dynamic Range mode, Active D-Lighting and seven different special effects for stills and movies complete the Nikon D5100’s headline specs. Sometimes there are boats to take you right up to the bottom of the falls, and in other places there are falls that you can go behind. Camera Capture The Most Irritating Types of Photographers in Social Media Automotive Photography Tips and TrickSubscribe to this blog and never miss a post.

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