is een fotosite voor en door iedereen die ervan houdt foto’s te maken met een reflexcamera. Flying around Vermont taking pictures is great especially in the early morning hours in spring. Enjoyed this Post?Subscribe to our RSS Feed, or simply recommend us to friends and colleagues!
So one should think about how cost effective it is to buy the lens as opposed to renting for longer periods. Some rental company’s rental durations differ depending upon a face to face rental or a mail rental. If the equipment is mailed, the company may require a longer rental agreement due to the wasted days in the mail.How does the reservation work?You can reserve lenses for specific dates. If you are going on vacation and would like to take a lens that you don’t own or want to buy, you can reserve it for the dates you will be gone. Or if there is a holiday or special event coming up, you may want to consider renting.What should I rent?If you want to rent a lens, but are not sure about compatibility, call the company you are thinking of renting from.

Customer service should be able to help you find a lens that will fit your camera and your needs.
You can read more about what lens would work best in which situation in these posts – What lens should I buy next? I have known photographers to rent camera bodies to decide up which brand to upgrade to as well as deciding between different lenses to buy.Vacations are a great time to rent a lens. So, it may make more sense to rent rather than buy for special occasions.How can I rent?It is really easy. The lens arrived when it was scheduled to arrive and they were forgiving when I sent it back a day late. Until renting a wide angle lens, I wasn’t sure that it would be a lens that I would use very often or would need in my bag.
The lens, new, is around $2000, so renting made sense to me for this quick trip.Here are a few images from my rental! Laurie Flickinger - ContributorI am a wife, a mother of 3, and a natural light hobbyist photographer.

When not learning all I can about photography, I enjoy reading, decorating my home, lake time, mindless television, and laughing with the girls. I have rented prime lenses from them and it really helped me narrow down what I wanted for shooting basketball pictures of my teenage son. I even ordered a lens that was not compatible (totally my fault, I missed the huge disclaimer they had on the page) and they refunded the rental fee. The reason I rent is because I haven’t save up enough money to buy a 24-70 lens, and initially I wanted to try out the 28mm because of its storytelling qualities. I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form?I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one?

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