Rachel Durik, owner of Savor Photography and member of our I Heart Faces Creative Team, is sharing a fantastic tutorial series that teaches various lighting tips to improve photography. Getting just the right look for a headshot or even a portrait using one light is easier than you might think. If you use the pop-up flash on your camera or if you set the flash directly in front of the subject, it’s not the most flattering light.
In this next shot, the light is still coming from the side at a 45 degree angle, but the light is now shot through the umbrella instead of bounced.
Finally, in this last shot, I just pointed the flash upwards which gave a lot of light in every direction.
I just received an email on Friday, March 13 with the link for this article with the links to the various posts about using off camera flash. Terms & Conditions •• All photographers submitting the I Heart Faces Photo Challenges, grant the rights to display their photo on this website. I Heart Faces is a photography blog with monthly photo challenges, free photography tips and tutorials. Each month all levels of photographers have the opportunity to submit a face photo into a themed photo challenge.
The money tree, also known as Malabar chestnut, is an easy-to-grow plant commonly used in feng shui to produce positive vibrations and attract prosperity to the owner.
Branches that grow from the top of the tree that disrupt the braid must be removed to continue. First of all we would like to highlight some points that you must keep in mind while decorating an outdoor party venue. Altar: This is the place where the efficient will perform the formalities of wedding to make you husband and wife. Entrance: Try to make elegant entrance from where all guests and the bride and groom will enter the venue.
Arrange extra seating for all guests to prevent hustle and bustle at the venue during the party is going on.
Here are pictures of some outdoor wedding decorations that will give you ideas about making best decorations. In this second tutorial, learn tips on how to get 5 different looks in your photography while using just one light.
You can see I’m working with a bare beige wall (nothing fancy!) and the light is at a 45 degree angle, bounced off an umbrella. You can learn more by visiting her photography site, Savor Photography, Naples Wedding Photographer, blog, or the Savor Facebook page.

I want to buy some lights and it is fantastic to know what a great job just one light can do! More to the point, don't leave comments about your blog, product or service on our participants websites.
It is native to the swamps of South America and will not tolerate temperatures below 28 degrees F, making it a common indoor plant. Apply just enough water to dampen the soil, and use a spray bottle filled with water to mist the foliage of the tree.
The branch can be cut back, or the trunk from which the branches grow can be removed completely and used to start a new money tree. Fifty percent of success of wedding party depends on the decorations you make so be very careful and creative while thinking of decorating the party venue. Chairs’ cover, table cover, table centerpiece and proper lighting and sight to the altar are the main considerations you need to be careful about. No matter the venue has roof or not, you should make proper entrance and decorate it creatively. I would like to apprentice even as you amend your site, how could i subscribe for a blog web site? I am also curious as to what other light sources were available…was it just overhead lighting or was there a bright window? Making decorations is always a creative and exciting activity but it becomes somewhat offensive too when you think to plan an outdoor wedding party. Alternatively, you can keep the money tree plant in the bathroom next to a frequently used shower to emulate a humid environment. Braid the bottoms of the branches together once they have grown several inches past the braid.
The money tree also has no major susceptibility to pests or diseases, which adds to its appeal.
It will need more time and money to arrange some outdoor wedding party especially on roofless places like garden, park, seashore, beach etc.
Not to mention, with many gorgeous design trends on the rise, why not bring a little bit of today’s hippest decor into the mix? Here we have made some ideas to help you decorating an outdoor wedding venue especially roofless place so you are welcomed to use our ideas and make this job easier for you. If the tree begins to wilt or appear unhealthy, move it to a location with some indirect sunlight. Go for what grabs you, and revel in the unique statements that result!Rich Tones of ChristmasAre you drawn to traditional shades of red, green and white?

Even if you go with a tried and true color palette, you can always jazz it up with a bit of the unexpected.
For example, bold hanging decorations take center stage in the red and white room below. [from Globally Gorgeous]Modern red and white Christmas decorA modern look can also be evoked by unexpected colors, such as rich jewel tones that lend themselves to an opulent look! Don’t forget to incorporate metallic accents, reflective surfaces and shades of gemstones (such as dazzling amethyst)! [from House to Home]Jewel-toned modern Christmas decorationsThere’s nothing like a collection of Christmas ornaments in candy colors! Conjure the holiday magic of your childhood by displaying vibrant modern ornaments with the help of beautiful ribbon.
In the next image, shades of platinum, pewter and chrome combine to create a dazzling, icy living area. [from House to Home] More Inspiration23 Gorgeous Christmas Staircase Decorating IdeasMetallic Christmas decorations in a modern living roomMetallic decor looks especially fetching in gray interiors. Note how the gold-trimmed mirror pops against the icy tones of the room. [from Home for Christmas]Crystal drops on a Christmas treeAdd a little light with Gold Metallic Branches from Z Gallerie.
The stems are festively decorated with battery-powered LED lights that intensify the room’s holiday shine. Shimmering touches go hand in hand with fluffy details, don’t you think?!Snowy white feather wreathIn the image below, the tables are turned, as snowy white shades provide the backdrop for gold and silver accents. As you can see, golden touches are perfectly at home next to woodsy decor. [from West Elm]Wood chip Christmas treesFor an organic look, check out the Twig Snow Wreath below.
Below we see an assortment of shiny Christmas decorations, including the Gilded Star Tree Topper at the bottom right corner of the photo. You can always put your own one-of-a-kind spin on the look, just as Martha Layton Smith did in the space below. We’re crazy about the rainbow of color, and the way a spectrum of ornaments pop against the white tree. [from Opendoor Studio]Chromatic Christmas decorationsLooking for a little neon for your holiday? This tutorial from Ambrosia Creative uses clear ball ornaments and glass stain to get the perfectly faded effect you see below!Ombre glass ornamentsGo for the unexpected! Try filling a metal wreath form with ornaments in primary colors, then wrap the arrangement with lights.
An eye-catching look for a modern space! [from CB2]A modern Christmas wreathWe end with a fun, contemporary reminder that you can’t go wrong when you keep it simple.
Purchase a faux piece, and display it proudly with glass balls in edgy colors. [from Urban Outfitters]Modern Christmas tree with colorful glass ornamentsWhich Christmas styles above make you want to deck the halls?

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