So, the very first key element to success is to always have a stable camera, and the way we do this is by learning camera holding techniques and a tripod will come in handy too. To create long exposure shots you need a slow shutter speed like 8s or 4s depending on the length of exposure you want. Light painting also uses long exposure settings at night or in a darkened room with the use of light emitting hand held tools. This is one of the simplest trick photography techniques to do with no additional tools whatsoever. Another example is a woman lying on the grass with the mountains and the sky as the background. Other sources could also come from residential lighting, lamp posts, and large public buildings. Looking at sample wedding photos can help inspire you to either capture great photos yourself, or even assist you in coming up with some must-have shots that you can ask your hired photographer to capture. It’s easy to get wrapped up in photographing the happy newlyweds and guests but don’t forget to get shots of the little details too. This wedding photo has added interest because the photographer has chosen to shoot from a unique angle. In addition to the camera being slightly tilted when this photo was captured (another great example of shooting from a different angle for added interest), it also incorporates diagonal lines – by way of the bride’s arms and the horizon – to help pull the eyes of the viewer through the photo. As I mentioned in my post 10 Quick Tips for Capturing the Best Baby Photos Ever, using your camera’s flash can result in harsh unwanted shadows, so turn off your flash and make use of natural light whenever possible. The sample wedding photos shown above illustrate how using interesting props and imaginative poses can make for some awesome shots that are totally worth having printed and framed.
Whether you were the photographer or in the wedding party, what techniques were used to capture your favourite wedding photos?
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Portrait photography means taking a likeness of a person in which the face and expressions are predominant.
A portrait photograph should communicate something interesting or attractive about the subject. So much of bubbling energy and pure spirits, every kid is unique in their own way and do have an eternity towards creativity. They are going to challenge your camera’s Shutter speed and focussing capability to the extreme.
So that doesn’t mean a kid who has agreed to stand still in front of your camera, will eventually convey the desired appropriate emotions. To make them belong to their world, dress them accordingly to give more charisma to the character and have these beautiful kids start believing about a world they have just created. Light is everything and there is no point avoiding the beauty of light when it comes to kids photography.
Do not make them act in your scene, rather stay patient to see them directing their own dream and eventually the scene. To create a sense of belonging, to add more continuity and irresistible feeling of love and affection, let us create some magic with light and a beautiful background.
Whether you are a professional photographer or simply a hobbyist, few tips and tricks can help you. You feel that it is the right timing but when you are about to click it, you realized that you did not set the camera. About OnlineMedia.SgWe cover the latest developments in online media, spanning across many industries in Singapore.
Well, in this article we’re going to talk about creating trick shots by just using your digital camera, along with a few items you probably have lying around your house, together with a lot of imagination and creativity. Tripods are very essential for every photographer because it will lessen camera shake and produce sharper and clearer images. It doesn’t need to be too tight that you need to flex your muscles, just relax and gently rest them at your sides.
You can take advantage of steady objects like the floor or the ground to provide much needed stability. Long exposure shots are great for moving objects like cars, carnival rides, and even firework displays. To create an illusion of movement, a good idea is to use a steady subject and place it in between the camera and a moving background object that emits light. Start by placing your camera on a tripod, set the shutter speed to 8s or 16s depending on the ambient light and the amount of light painting that you will do. When we flip the camera upside down, the woman seems to be pressed up against the grass and below her are the mountains and the sky. It is the part of the photograph that is out of focus which we can manipulate by using lights of different sizes and colors. Different photography techniques were discovered by people who were not afraid to try new things. Here is a look at several excellent wedding photos, along with a description of what makes them so great.
Besides the more obvious subjects like wedding rings and flower arrangements, be creative and capture photos of things like dirty feet on the dance floor (after the stilettos have been kicked off) or crumbs from the already devoured wedding cake. Photos can have an entirely different feel to them when they’re shot from a different angle. The use of leading lines is a compositional technique which helps to draw the eye to the point of interest and can help suggest various feelings within a photo, from dominance and power often portrayed in the use of vertical lines to a feeling of sensuality found in the use of curved lines.

As the name implies, a photographer will shoot photos of the bride in her wedding dress doing things that will essentially destroy the gown – think water, mud, or even paint. For interesting photos, try using natural and manmade structures to frame the bride and groom, such as doorframes, windows, archways, and trees. If the bride and groom have a shared hobby, try including an object from that hobby in the photos and have them pose as though they are in the middle of their favourite activity. Language of innocence and to capture kids on their own ground dreaming about a small world will remain a huge challenge for any photographer. So how would a photographer counteract all these intense situations and thereby produce a photograph which honestly provokes and translates the mood and character of the kid. Interesting costumes and dramatic designs will make them rather exciting for the shoot since the dress and objects around them become their world and they hardly care about a person with a camera annoying them.
The more drama you add with your light the more it will resemble and create the mood of the character.
It just takes some precious minutes of faith to see them in action, gelling slowly into a world belonging only to them with full of toys, costumes and dreams.
More often we tend to forget about the background and mood, while we get drowned before an angelic and super cute subject. Capturing a perfect image is hard but if you know what to do, everything will come natural. There are many tips and tricks that you still need to capture the perfect picture or image. The shots that you create will depend on your creativity, so anything that emits and bounces off light can be a great subject.
Cellphones, flash lights, lasers, sparklers, are good examples of light sources but you can go crazy and use anything you want (as long as you are safe).
With different angles we can create a lot of different perspectives; all you need is to use your imagination and practice, practice, and more practice will be required.
Like the image above, you can create a photo collage in order to pull all the little details together to tell a wonderful story within a single print. From laying on the ground and looking up at your subjects to standing on the top of a table to capture your photo from a bird’s-eye view, try to get photos from a variety of positions for some interesting shots.
Some of the best wedding photos are those that show genuine smiles and laughter: something that cannot be rehearsed. So let the kids with their dream costumes & wonderful designs play endlessly spinning an imaginative world while you start framing those magnificent moments and bring those fictitious tales to reality. Try some of the good old methods of backlight or even window light to collect all the pure innocence and tranquility of these wonderful subjects. Highlight these stellar moments through your camera, do not worry they will hardly bother about you or your camera, it is the zone adults call as penance, these are pure and natural moments only the childhood can offer. But as an artistic photographer, it becomes a priority for you to stay awake in order to capture the heart and soul of the portrait. Let us not pollute their world of innocence through some of your pre-directed moves, this will ruin your photograph as well as their godly creativity.
If you are a professional, you should be armed with skills and knowledge so you will be great. Firmware is the software of the camera and it gives range of features and parameters to improve your picture taking. As if charging is not enough, you have to think of a spare battery in case unfortunate things happen.
When you click your camera, your shutter is open; this is the perfect time to paint using your tools. When we shift our camera to its side to shoot, the dog will appear to be crawling upward on a wall instead of a floor. If at first the subject appears to be dark, you can use your flash or adjust your camera’s shutter speed, ISO, and aperture for the best results. Incorporate things from your surroundings and include your friends and family in your photographs. If the bride you’re photographing isn’t into the idea of destroying her expensive dress, you can still be creative in your choice of locations. If the photo is taken from too far away, the subject might be too small to have any impact. Let them play with light, try creating a relationship between the kid, light and the scene. Background and composition are two important aspects in any kind of photography, try to avoid any obstacles and rejoice with the beauty of light, touching the kid with all the love, taking your scene to the next level of art.
They are fairies and angels who rise and shine before your camera, as a photographer you make most out of it and shoot what surprises or what made you admire within them. That is why it is important to always reset the camera settings before pointing and shooting. For example, my very own wedding album includes photos of me and my husband in line at Tim Hortons and of me sipping from an Iced Capp (nothing says Canadian more than that!). If you want to take portraits of people who are not known to you, do not be shy to approach them for a photo.
Wildlife photographing is not too difficult unless the photographer is knowledgeable especially in the field craft skills. I also have some fun wedding photos where I’m “hitchhiking” on a busy Esquimalt road with my dress hiked up to show a little leg.
This shows that photography is universal and it can be enjoyed by all despite the skill level.

The setting in which the picture is taken is also important as it helps the viewer to understand the subject better. One of the most important portrait photography tips is to study and understand human nature to know how people typically react in given situations so that you are ready to capture the moment when it occurs.Portrait Photography Lighting - Light Settings to Enhance PhotosThe main purpose of portrait photography lighting is to give shape and convey information about the subject. The lighting setups are based on the placement of the main light, relative to the subject and camera. Remember always that you are just a visitor in their territory so you must be aware of your surrounding because predators may attack you. The "Three-point lighting" requires three to four lights to bring out the details of the subject's features.
Another common portrait photography lighting plan is "Butterfly lighting" where only two lights are used. Learn first the rules of it then break it.Having your repeated ways of capturing photos is bringing you such a low standard of photographs or such monotony in the eyes of people. The main light is placed in front of the subject and the second light is put behind the subject.
Discover something new in photographing wildlife to bring out the most of your skills and talent in wildlife photography.Avoid distraction In photographing wildlife animals, you should avoid distraction.
Generally, a reflector is utilized to provide fill light and soften shadows on the subject’s face.Outdoor Portrait Photography - Create Beautiful PhotosIn outdoor portrait photography photographers take photographs out in the nature rather than in their studios. Of course, it can make the subject distracted by yourself or it can bring your life a danger (if you are photographing wild animals such as cheetah, leopards, etc.). Noisy bushes because of your movements as well as camera noises and flash of your camera can be a cause of distraction to the animals.Experiment with your own gearExperiment with your own gear is a must. Using fast lens helps in getting the detail of the eyes and does not accentuate skin imperfections like lines and wrinkles. You should know the qualities of your own camera so you will be able to know its essentials, especially to the camera settings present on your own camera.Camera settings have a great effect in taking shot of your subject.
In outdoor portrait photography avoid using bright and busy backgrounds which take the attention away from the subject. Since it is wildlife photography, action-packed moments will be grasped by your eyes that will only last for a second and can’t easily be manage to capture by your camera. Adjust your aperture into wide and adjust also your shutter speed to freeze the action of the certain situation. As much as possible, one should use a telephoto lens and a tripod to capture more clear actions.Aim for eye level For more interesting photos, aiming for the eye level of an animal is a great way. It seems like you’re giving an actual confrontation of an animal to the people who look for the photo of it.Know your subjectConduct a research about your certain subject and be prepared.
If you are a photographer going to a safari to capture photos of wildlife animals, you should conduct an investigation about it.
Queries like what are the animals that can be found on that safari, what are the dangers zones on that place – something like that. Studying the behaviour of your animal subject is a great notion also.It can make a big difference because you will know the right timing for the ultimately unsurpassed moment that you want to capture. Hang around safely in a few minutes and have your new target subject if the other one are failed to do the best moments you want.
Well if you are tired of taking long trips just for photographing, you should conduct a research also.
Sometimes there are common wildlife animals that can be found in your backyard and region which can be vividly portrayed as an amazing subject.As many as possible Having as many animals as possible in one photo will be amusing. Sometimes having two or more animals in every shots can give it more life and attractiveness. Since natural light is used to make photos in their natural look, you should be awake earlier to take more shots. Avoid using of flash because it can made a distraction to your subject and can ruin your manage images. Take note also that having a wrong lighting gives a bit of tricky moods to your photos because of your camera settings.Shoot more It is essential for the photographer to shot more, that’s why it doesn’t need a lot of complicated explanations about this. Having a lot of shots can give yourself a lot of choices on which are the best photo you had taken. It will also aid you to poster what are things you need to improve more and the mistakes you made.Zoom in or zoom outThe telephoto lenses that are already said will be helpful in this tip. Of course, you can zoom in clearly the subject you want to capture even if you are very far from it. You can have a clear beautiful shot without getting too close to the subject for your own safety.Challenge also yourself to have a wider angle which can give the photo an exact environment where the photo had taken.
It can give an idea to the people where is the habitat it came from which capable in every species you had. As a photographer, you should know when and where you will zoom in and zoom out or shoot wider and closer your camera.
Also you should shoot with two eyes to have a field of vision with your subject.Patience together with enjoyment Being a wildlife photographer, you will need a lot of patience in having your subject on its golden moment. Patience to capture photos of your subject and being persistent to capture more is all you need. It is such a wonderful experience to capture wildlife animals and also to see their beautiful habitat.

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