The key to the photography tip I am about to share with you is that it can be done with any Canon Rebel newer than a T2i.
Press the zoom button once or twice to enlarge the Live View preview by 5x or 10x respectively. Fine tune the focus using the focus ring on your lens while the digital zoom is at 5x or 10x. Please note: the picture will be captured at full size (the way it looks before you press the 5x or 10x zoom button). Notice in the photos above that one of them was taken with a true macro lens and the other was taken with the kit lens. There is, however, an option for transforming your normal lens, including the kit lens, into a macro-type lens. Second, you can get some very inexpensive lens filters that will transform your normal non-macro lens into a close-up lens.

Hopefully, these macro photography tips will give you something to think about next time you shoot. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Quik Cards are an inexpensive way to get up to speed on techniques that will help you create stunning photos. In fact I have more than one Rebel (you know this if you have read some of my other posts).
It is obvious that a macro lens is far better than the kit lens, although, I must admit that the newer STM kit lens is much better than the older one. These come in a variety of packages, but if you get Fotodiox tubes, they are less than $15. There may be other cameras that have the Live View feature I discuss in this article, but I am not sure which ones do, so I am limited to the Rebel lineup in my recommendations for a camera.

The problem is that they do not allow the camera to auto-focus, but since you are following the advice above, you will be using manual focus anyway, so go for it! These concise, durable & ultra-light cards are a great reference for when you're out in the field shooting.
The Quik Cards or "cheatsheets" are small enough to be easily stored in your camera bag or clipped just about anywhere. And even though it was taken with a simple little 3-megapixel Olympus point and shoot camera, I felt like a pro when I saw it in print. Suggestions for settings, composition, equipment, etc are provided to achieve your desired effect as it relates to the cards topic.

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