Canon Rumors has received tips suggesting the Canon EOS 80D will feature 28-34MP and possibly announced in late 2015.
If the Canon 80D is, in fact, due out in the next couple months or so, expect the rumors to pick up with greater specificity over the next few weeks. After using a Canon Rebel XT for several years, getting a new model was like getting a new pet for me.
There is a fixed 3 inch touch screen display, through which you can live view and even add creative filters when shooting. Getting a hang of a new camera’s manual functions is always important, especially for those with less experience using more than one type of DSLR. The Canon SL1 is ideal for travel photography, as I learned when taking it with me for the first time on vacation to Delray, Florida. My trip to Florida overlapped with Miami’s annual Urban Beach Weekend, an enormous memorial day bash that takes place on South Beach, drawing in urban crowds from across the country.
Another perk of the SL1 is its video function, which is new to me, as a tool my old Rebel lacks.
The Rebel SL1 was definitely ideal for me on my recent vacation; it proved to be an extremely dynamic and useful tool wherever I needed it, and whatever I needed it for. I discovered the SL1 while camera shopping for a full-frame to use at my Architecture firm… I got the 6D and love it. Recent PostsOne Light Creative Product Photography TutorialHow to Shoot a Dramatic (And Spooky) Portrait Using a Two-Light Setup What's Photographing A Bullfight Like? Professional level photography is easily accessible as prices drop and technology pushes forward. In the infographic (courtesy of Digital Camera World) below you can see what those little icons mean.
If you have any tips and tricks, resources or tutorials in photography, video, editing or design, please share them with us.
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Think Tank Photo has announced new Urban Approach shoulder bags and an Urban Approach backpack for mirrorless camera systems. They offer sound silencers for the velcro seals on the front flap and include a rain cover for bad weather days. While they are designed with mirrorless cameras in mind, they also accommodate small DSLR kits like the Canon Rebel T6s or the Nikon D5500. Like the Urban Approach shoulder bags, the Urban Approach 15 is also designed to work well with smaller DSLRs. The Urban Approach 15 features YKK zippers and has a handle pass-through on the back for carrying it atop rolling luggage. Likening it to an adorable puppy with extreme superpowers, the Canon Rebel SL1 camera is not only compact and cute (only 14 oz, without a lens!), but more than capable of producing high quality results on the go. The SL1 also has an autofocus system, which follows moving subjects in video mode which is a huge improvement from other Rebel models as the AF coverage area is 80% of the frame vs. Different DSLR’s operate with slight variances, but luckily the SL1 is extremely user-friendly; not only does it have quality automatic functioning, but the full range of manual controls those found in pro-level cameras. As a location filled with palm trees and other exotic plants, Delray was an ideal starter’s trip to test the SL1 and it’s capacity. Of course, as we’ve noted in previous tutorials, events make for interesting and exciting street photography. It has a continuous auto-focus in live video mode, so users don’t have to manually focus whenever recording, and is very simple to switch on and off. Jen is a photography enthusiast with a background in creative and editorial writing, a keen eye for art and passion for language and sound. I pounded the internet in research before buying my Nikon D5100 which was voted camera of the year when it came out.
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But as cameras improve, shoving more and more options into the mix, confusion can set in and menu blindness may actually hurt your shots instead of help.

Knowing what each stands for may ultimately lead to having a stronger command of the results you achieve in your photography. It is designed to handle 1-2 medium to large mirrorless bodies (like a Sony A7R and Fuji XT1) with lenses attached, along with 5-8 additional lenses (depending on the size).
As the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR available, this camera screams of novelty from it’s portable size, to its sensitive touchscreen, to its extensive manual features. People with less experience will be able to learn well on this camera, and those who are intermediates or even professionals will be at immediate ease and take advantage of its lightweight body in situations that require moving about. Because of its size, it is easy to carry from place to place without any strain or inconvenience. The Rebel SL1 is small, especially if combined with a wonderful pancake 40 lens , so it’s non-intrusive, meaning subjects will be less intimidated and more willing to let you take their picture! I found myself recording moving cruise ships, airplanes, and more, smoothly and without trouble.
It took a long time to save enough money just to buy that range camera and feel I made a wise choice for me. While true professionals usually shoot on Manual Mode, there are other selections available that may be a better choice for those that don’t know all of the nuances of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. We always appreciate all of your comments, questions, suggestions and support.If you would like to interact, network and collaborate with other creative professionals, make sure to sign up on our mailing list.
Just as easily as I could take it out and snap a shot of a lizard, I could put it away and get dinner at a beach-side restaurant without having to check any bags. The SL1 has a full 1080 x 1920 video capture at 24-, 25- or 30 frames per second, continuous AF tracking of moving subjects, and video ISO of 100-6400 (expandable to H: 12800).
While video feature may not be essential to all photographers, the ability to experiment with this tool as a related medium is an amazing opportunity.

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