I get a lot of comments and emails regarding my blog photography: which camera I use, which editing software I use and more. When it comes to clicking good photographs for your blog a DSLR is a great investment but definitely not a necessity. 6) Cluttered Background: This is pretty common sense but I have seen pictures on many blogs wherein the background is cluttered and so messy! 7) Use different Angles: Use different angles instead of the boring straight horizontal placement ones and throw in a few items here and there. 8) Shoot in HD: This is surprising but many people don’t know how to properly use their camera settings!
9) Add a few Pretty Items: Add in a cute ring, bracelet or a chain to make your photo more pretty and girly. 10) Add your Logo: Adding a logo at the bottom not only prevents people from misusing your pictures but also makes them look a lot more professional.
We have spoken to the girls in the office, friends and family about what order they apply makeup and it seems it can be an individual preference for the right order. This is just our suggested order that will help eliminate any smearing or smudges from eye shadow, so coloured speckles don’t fall onto concealer or foundation. 1)    Cleanse tone and moisturise your skin for the day ahead, making sure to use a good quality moisturiser or BB cream. 2)    Apply a small amount of our Prime Focus Eye Primer on your eyelids to make your eye makeup easier to apply and will maintain the colour longer.
3)    Add your eye shadow and blend several colours together to get the right look (see last week’s blog for tips, How to achieve everyday smoky eyes look). 4)    Our Natural Eye Liner can be added to upper and lower lashes to complete your eye makeup. 5)    Now your skin has time to absorb the moisturiser and it isn’t too greasy, you can apply your foundation. 6)    Concealer can be applied to all the necessary areas, usually under the eyes and the side of the nose and blended for a flawless finish. 8)    Accentuate your lashes with Lash Alert Mascara in either black for a dramatic look, or brown for a more natural effect.

Choosing a lipstick color to use on your wedding day is delicate, particularly if you are doing your own makeup. There are plenty of lipstick colors to choose from so you definitely will find one that suits the tone of your skin. Step 4: An effective photo!Despite the tips and tricks I've provided, sharing makeup through photos is a form of expression. Besides DSLRs (which are the best choice obviously) you have the option of simple point and shoot digital cameras for everyday photography. Using a plain white background helps the focus go only on the product and helps in showing details better. It is the best software for colour and light correction and it is not complicated to use at all. This could be because of routine or even being taught a certain order when they first started wearing makeup.
It’s always best to apply eye makeup before foundation or concealer as excess eye shadow might fall under the eye.
Its best to choose a colour that is in the same shade family as your blusher, pink with pink peach with peach.
It's important to find the best lighting that will portray the color of your makeup and complexion as accurately as possible.
Do a swatch on paper, make a swatch in a heart shape, place your products on the grass and shoot them.
Use a white cloth instead and hold it up from the back so you can form a background and hide the clutter. Especially if you'd like to recreate a look but can't achieve the same colors you saw in the original photo because the photo was not true to the makeup in reality.
If yo are going to use a cell phone camera make sure it produces good quality photographs as most inbuilt phone cameras do not. Editing pictures is a little tricky for beauty bloggers because if you are clicking a makeup item you cannot make any changes in the shade of the item. The iPhone 5 comes with an 8 mp camera so it was definitely worth giving a try once and I loved it.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you not be that person and take the best possible photos of your makeup to share with the world!You can do it!
The brightness removes major shadows and makes it appear as if there were even better lighting available while taking the photo. The shadow option doesn’t increase shadows because I do it to a vert less extent but just makes the colours a little more vibrant.
Incandescent lighting can work well for makeup photos taken in bathrooms, provided you have a source of incandescent lighting from multiple angles. Florescent lighting comes from the lights you normally see in office or warehouse ceilings. Natural: The natural lighting of the sun can often give you the best results in the right circumstances.
However, it does have a tendency to make blemishes and oiliness more prominent so if you do utilize natural sunlight, try to ensure your face is in a source of shade while facing the direction of the sun.
You don't have to worry about it :) Just avoid flash when possible when taking photos for the purposes of sharing a makeup look. Real shadows can hide the contour and won't give you credit on the hard work you put into creating the illusion. You can avoid shadows by facing a single source of light or having two sources of the same type of light, on either side of your face, at eye level.Mirrors:Mirrors can actually be a source of light!
Hence why bathroom photos often turn out well and are some of the best places to take makeup photos within a household.
This will cause a glare and your camera lens won't be able to capture your complexion or makeup colors accurately. You have certainly applied your photography classes into a good instructable :) I will always use this knowledge now!

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