I have always liked making my images look their best in Photoshop or Picassa or PaintShop Pro.
When I came across some videos by a guy who calls himself the Photo Extremist, I was all in for learning some of his tricks.
Then I tried this photography trick – putting myself into the picture as three different characters.
For this one, I actually took the picture in the basement and placed them into a photo of the wall which was taken in a totally different place.
Here are some of the other pictures from the Photo Extremist (his real name is Evan Sharboneau).. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Adobe Lightroom is a great tool to make, or rather fake, the HDR look using only one picture.
Although the real-time optical finder in DSLR’s is hugely useful, there are times where using Live View is a wiser choice.
When it comes down to macro photography, dew drops can go a long way of enchanting a picture. Subscribe to get exclusive access to Photograph IO articles first as well as subscriber exclusives! Try clicking photographs on a daily basis so that you can improve your photographic experience. Make sure that you keep learning and exploring new features and updates in your smartphone camera. I'm so excited to announce that my first book, THE I HEART NAPTIME COOKBOOK: 100 easy and delicious recipes to make than less than an hour is now available for PRE-SALE!
Hi, I’m Jamielyn!Welcome to my blog.I Heart Naptime is a food and lifestyle blog sharing easy and delicious recipes, tips, crafts and entertaining ideas to help families create unforgettable moments. Whether you’re just interested in capturing some remarkable images of your beloved pet to share with your friends, or eventually in turning your sights toward an animal photography career, we hope the animal photography tips and tricks presented here will prove useful to you. Shoot a lot of pictures each session. Slight nuances of expression or position make or break animal photography. Cleaning up the composition is something I do automatically before even considering pose or expression of the animal.
A fast shutter speed and small lens opening are recommended for maximum sharpness, but there are occasions when neither is possible. Outstanding animal photography often results when you combine two different species, especially the young of each. If that is a little more than you want to spend, you might consider having someone you know who dabbles in photography take pictures for your special day.
You take a look at them and some of them just don’t look the way you thought they would — underexposed, a little out of focus, dull… Fortunately, Lightroom is here for you. Not only is it extremely simple to do, but it only requires fiddling with the basic sliders. Not only do you have to brave the cold weather (with your fogged lenses too), deal with shorter batteries (since they don’t last as long in the cold), but falling snow is also a major part of the equation.
While walkaround photography is perfectly suited to quick OVF (and EVF’s), slow-paced photography on a tripod is better done with an LCD in Live view mode. In many cases, a picture will not even look half as good without dew drops that instinctively draw one’s eye on the subject. Some people like to boost vibrance or saturation alltogether, while others like to underxpose highlights.

As time is progressing various types of smartphones are being launched in the market to ensure better and improved experience of the smartphone users. This can be boring to the current generation but then it is an essential part to making your photography session on the smartphones much easier. So it becomes important to understand the functioning of the particular camera accordingly. I loved adding all of the embellishments, using fancy scissors on the patterned papers, being over run with ridiculous amount of ribbon and adhesives, and having a lasting document to chronical what I valued as our most important family moments.
You can and should sometimes shoot down or up on the animal for a different effect, however. Watch for off-beat grimaces, odd postures, changing poses — and vary your camera angle.
Attendants and guards can sometimes get an animal to grimace or do a stunt — or the guard can make the animal come closer or move farther away, as required. Success in animal photography largely depends on being able to shoot quickly when expressions and poses are right. With a dark to black background, shadows are not much of a problem, but with a light background shadows can be a distraction. For the HDR look, I bring down the Highlights slider to -100 and set the Shadows slider to +100. Some people like to add GND filters, while others like to use HSL pane or even tone curves for better blues. Photography is one of the reasons which ensure that there is the smooth usage of the smartphone in the day to day life.
It becomes easier that the horizontal and vertical dimensions are measured properly in the photograph.
There are many features like Flash, Brightness, Zoom and many others which help to take the user the desired photograph. Window light can be helpful because it has got a direction and so you don’t need to put efforts on focusing the light on the object to click a good photograph.
So, you can click a photograph of yourself at the place and you can also complement the photo with someone passing by or some non living object to make it look much different and natural.
Camera movement is likely to occur at times when something especially interesting is happening. Your assistant’s job is to keep the animal in the picture area while you concentrate on the image in your viewfinder. When something good seems like it’s about to happen, or is happening, shoot and keep shooting. Poking the lens through wire fencing and between bars can eliminate these nuisances and sometimes help to steady your shot. Or, they may be able to advise you how to act, or what to do, to elicit certain behavior from the animal. As he shook his head to get rid of the fly I shot a humorous-type horse picture — and later I got a portrait, too. If an ape in the zoo is sitting in a tree and people begin throwing peanuts into the enclosure, you should expect the ape to come down. In zoos the baby animals with their parents can be counted on to do something that is photogenic.
Here are some useful tips and tricks to ensure that the photographs taken with the smartphone is of good quality and gives a good impression of the object.
Also, the elements of the photograph are equally distributed by the intersecting lines, so as to ensure that there is a balance between the three sections of the photograph.

Once you try experimenting with the features of the camera software, you will learn it much earlier. In this way, you will see that the moments are recorded so well in your photograph that you can cherish those moments when you are alone remembering those times.
They work with the animals every day, are familiar with them, and often times have learned how to effectively persuade the animals into doing certain things.
Use a chair with a solid color or a small design that does not call attention to itself, and away from your subject. In the summer you have lots of opportunities outdoors — with pets and at zoos, dog shows, and farms. After picking my setting I take a quick look through the viewfinder and see if there are any distracting elements in the picture.
With larger animals such as horses, elephants, and gorillas, focus on the point nearest the camera. A baby giraffe will go under its mother’s body as though going under a bridge, a lion cub will nuzzle up against its father for reassurance and affection. Simply click here to download it to your computer and instantly begin learning the secrets behind how to get paid for every single digital photo you take from now on! Then I eliminated the bits that were holding stuff together to give the illusion of a floating banana.
It might look washed out for now, but don’t worry, we will take care of that in just a second! This will help you save a lot of time in the special moments where otherwise you will be stuck up finding out a solution for clicking the best photograph.
Say you’re watching TV and an actor is about to walk out of the scene by exiting through a door.
In the colder months the indoor displays at zoos are still available, as are the aquariums. Maybe a crumpled paper coffee cup is on the ground, a dead branch in a cluster of leafy ones, a clump of weeds too near the lens.
Usually your distance from large animals is far enough so that you will have sufficient depth of field to get the entire animal sharp when focusing on the point closest to you.
Winter is a good time to experiment with different lighting techniques — available light, bouncelight, flash and reflectors. I put the coffee cup in my pocket, break off the dead branch and stomp on it, remove the clump of weeds, and I’m ready to shoot. Another scene wherein the actor goes for his gun — try to get his picture the instant he fires. It doesn’t have to be a prime lens, but prime lenses are better because they are equipped with high-quality optics and have larger aperture openings than zoom lenses. It’s best to use high ISO settings (800 or 1600), because this will up the shutter speeds. For a professional-looking bird photograph, you of course need to make the background as simple as possible.

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