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If you are attending an indoor wedding, you will need a speedlight with more than enough battery power for the actual ceremony. Lenses – Usually, there is enough time to practice a couple of shoots during the actual service. For candid shots or when you don’t want to get too close, use a 70-200mm lens or one in that focal length range.
Speedlights and Flashguns – If the venue does not have a low and bright ceiling, you will need direct flash.
Settings – When there’s a bright sun outside the church, you should keep ISO down to 100.
In case light gets extremely bad aperture or light blinks and you are unable to shoot, you should slow the shutter speed.
These simple steps and tips are just some starting and basic guidelines to wedding photography.
Nada Ljubinovic is both a content writer and amateur photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.

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These lenses come in very handy for times when couples want to move right in the front of the church or there are some interesting people around the altar.
The main key points remain which include being prepared, knowing the wishes of the bride and groom (specifically what kind of photographs they wish to have), being aware of the ceremony and the processes that follow. Nada continues to develop and share her knowledge and understanding of photography elements, theory and equipment and enjoys sharing her interesting knowledge with others.
A wedding photographer has to capture the entire proceedings without making any unnecessary or too much noise. Before you attend the wedding, it is recommended to attend the trial with the bride, groom, and perhaps the wedding party. All these little things, when added, will ensure that you get the job done and get it done right.
Nada is often encouraged in her learning by a Darin Collison Photography, based in Melbourne Australia.

With these lenses, there is no need to go near anyone, but allows you to catch all the action. When shooting in a dynamic environment, where things change and people move quickly, you should switch to Shutter or TV priority.
You will be assured of superior quality even when the light changes or depth of field and aperture fluctuate. It is very important to get exposure settings right, focus in the right place at the right time and not miss any important event.
It’s practical and useful to have a small diffuser on the speedlight for best results. However, you need to understand that such lenses give a shallow depth of field at maximum aperture. However, these tips can also be applied to garden weddings, beach weddings, and almost every other wedding shoot.

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