This is an embarrassing confession for me to make, both considering that photography is a big part of my blogging and um, considering I took photography in college (and never really knew what I was doing). I can’t tell you how excited and relieved I am to finally learn how to use my DSLR camera properly (or at least start to!) and take it off auto.
After the first couple of lessons online, I took my camera along on our family apple picking excursion to Sky Top Orchards and practiced, practiced, practiced. Later, I watched another lesson, then grabbed another photoshoot opportunity—playing Ticket to Ride with Maia. About halfway through the game, we had the (new-to-us) game figured out and I felt like the photography thing finally clicked for me. Plus, it means that I can finally use that nifty fifty lens that my husband bought me for my birthday a year and a half ago! This class has been sitting on my Craftsy wishlist–thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is prompting me to practice this weekend with this camera, but I could really use a class on it!

I’m glad to see you used your new camera for a great new photo of you in your header. I used an 18-55mm lens during the class, Malory, but then started taking photos with my 50mm lens (and a few of those in this post were taken with the 50mm). I saw it marked down last night but was waiting to get to my desktop to pay, and since it said through Sept 25 at midnight, I assumed I could purchase it for the discounted price today?
I just emailed my contact at Craftsy about the sale ending early and will let you all know what I find out! When using the 10-second self-timer plus continuous shots you take anywhere between 2-10 pictures. The Opteka RC-4 Wirelss Remote Control I own this one as well and I do like it.  You have to use this one while standing in front of the camera. While a photography class has been on my list for, oh, years now, fitting it in around my other responsibilities and the family schedule just didn’t happen. That photo is actually not one that I took, but rather one taken by a professional photographer, Lenka Hattaway.

Like other commenters, I went to sign up but it’s not showing the discounted price anymore. I just decided to buy a beginner camera from my friend, who is a photographer, to learn on. It’s a good piece of equipment and I must congratulate you with all the photos you’ve taken!
I will bring out my DSLR every once in awhile, but would love a better understanding of how to use it.. The price of this one can’t be beat on sale today at only $7.95 that is a 73% savings! They may not be professional quality shots, but boy, was I proud of myself for capturing my daughter in the middle of her silliness and seriousness with crisp images and good lighting.

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