HDR(High Dynamic Range) requires multiple images with different exposures in order to provide information for both bright and dark areas of the image.
There are so many informative sites for learning HDR Photography techniques and software learning through Photoshop that you can search on the net and start your journey in this field as a Professional Photographer in HDR or take it as a hobby for entertainment and fun in spare time, Enjoy these HDR Car Pictures!
The late photographer Don Hong-Oai split his time between San Francisco and his native land of China in his later years, photographing the country in a classic way. To learn more about shooting panoramic landscape using high dynamic range technique, click here. Digital photography innovations have produced HDR technology for printing that human eye can see more shades then monitor or any other modern device can generate.

Using an old Asian photography technique, Hong-Oai captured stunning scenery with an abundance of elements that echo traditional Chinese paintings. Though they appear to be age-old paintings or ink drawings on long scrolls of parchment, they are, in fact, remarkable photographs.
In this post we have selected some of the most brilliant HDR Car pictures for your inspiration with this digital image photography technique that will thrill you for taking a photograph of your favorite car in HDR.
Placing beautifully traditional calligraphy and including time-appropriate motifs (birds, boats, mountains) adds to the illusion of time and age of the images. Panoramic landscape photography, especially high dynamic range panoramas can be very time consuming.

Eventually I was able to compose it all to together seamlessly (I wish I knew about the Photoshop Photomerge tool then it wold have saved me a whole lot of time!). For reference I included all of the original exposures and the original Photomatix tone mapped verison for each angle.

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