We recently purchased the business assets and studio equipment of another local portrait studio. The sale will be held on Thursday August 7th and Friday August 8th, 2014 at 5425 Schultz Drive, Sylvania, OH  from 11am until 6pm (both days).
Backgrounds: 2 high school yearbook backgrounds with background stand, 2 identical lastolite pop-up backgrounds with cases, all sizes of muslin, canvas and paper backgrounds (different colors and sizes) along with miscellaneous background items, and an Off the Wall set.
The studio we purchased had high school contracts for two of our local Catholic High Schools and did a lot of senior portraits and gave their customers proof sets in art leather proof portfolios.

This entry was posted in Equipment and Props for Sale, For Sale, News, Sale and tagged office furniture for sale, props for sale, studio equipment, Studio Equipment For Sale, studio lighting, Studio Sale, Sylvania Garage Sale, Toledo Garage Sale. Kurt does everything by appointment only, so even though these are his posted hours, please call in advance to be sure someone is actually in the office when you get there because he may be out of the office or on location. Please do not alter, modify or publish my images in any way without my express written consent. These are all imprinted with their studio name (except for the memory mates and the folios), which can easily be covered with your own sticker.

The imprinting on the art leather items is not stamped deep and should be able to be removed with acetone or isopropyl alcohol.

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