For producing my Intaglio prints, I use what is called a drypoint needle.I take an image and etch it onto plexiglass or zinc plates. This past week I was lucky enough to spend 7 days in a suite on the Norwegian Jewel for our yearly family vacation. Before I launch into all of that though, I really wanted to share these Watermelon Carving Designs that were in between the food areas on the last night on the ship.
The lighting was really dark in there so I am sorry its not fantastic food photography, but the skill is pretty amazing, right?? Red Bull Rampage the Evolution is Mountain Biking’s most progressive and unique event – Held since 2001, the event features 1,500 vertical feet of Utah desert and cliffs between the start and the finish, making creativity and skill the only way make to top the podium. Sauce worked closely with Red Bull and Rampage creator; Todd Barber to create the Red Bull Rampage logo, collateral, POS, course branding, podium, leaderboard, media kit, and athlete trophies.

Are you planning for your annual family picture so you can get it done in time for your holiday cards? Over the next several days I am going to be blogging a lot about that vacation, what you can expect if you bring your 2 year old on a cruise boat like we did (including my insane cruise parenting paranoia’s), pictures of the ship, the food, and a review of the spa and photography session we did.
If you have been around here a long time, you probably know that we took a cruise with him when he was 5 months old and after going to bed at 6pm with him every night because we were all crammed into the same small room, I swore that we would never have another vacation till he was 2. This trip was not part of a media vacation but our personal family vacation, so you will not see disclosures in my reviews. There’s surely something for everyone here, no matter your style, sense of humor, photoshop skill and even number of family members. Before you use the plate (to be totally cool I will call it "The Matrix") all edges must be filed to a 45 degree angle.

I have two amazing kids but let's face it,  I still need to survive from wakeup to sun down and we do that by crafting, cooking, and shopping. Pay special attention to the corners so it will not rip the paper that it is to be printed on. The paper that you had soaking now needs to be placed on gently and precisely over top of that plate.

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