Further upgrades that even a semi-pro DSLR user would drool about is the Hybrid auto-focus system featuring 73-point auto-focusing points and an upgraded Expeed 3A image processing system.
Although there are many lens choices for photographing birds, our discussion will focus on the medium length hand-holdable telephoto lenses. You will see in these photos that I have one hand firmly on the camera and the other hand relaxed at or near the end of the lens. In the first photo, I’m holding the camera in a somewhat level and horizontal position. This sequence of six photos was taken with the camera set at the highest possible burst rate of 6 fps. In general, there are three things to look for in a good bird image: sharpness, exposure and natural pose.

Manual mode allows me to not worry about the camera changing settings as a bird moves past visible terrain of various shades or when the camera’s light meter misreads the scene such as when a bird moves in and out of your frame across a bright sky. Shooting in JPEG lets me use the highest burst rate without any chance of the camera stalling as it sometimes does with RAW bursts. Just remember that your time of opportunity with a fast moving bird may only be a second or less! Oh, and if you’re interested in learning more about raptors, please check out my new blog, The Raptorphile. If you enjoyed this article, and would like to read more, please signup for free updates by email or RSS.
For the little BIF i do i use a rod, which I made to slide in the hot shoe, just point the rod at the bird and fire away in burst mode, no need to peer through the viewfinder, I have an FZ50 and an FZ100, which has a real rapid burst.

But in photo gallaries it seems most great shots are at lenses 300-400, some listed with a teleconverter 1.4. However unlike the V2 the J3 has been given a serious bump in the continuous shooting drive.
It has a maximum burst rate of 60 fps (with focus-locked), albeit at a maximum of 15 frames in one go. If you forgo speed and go for continuous AF performance, even then the J3 churns out a spectacular 15 fps.

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