Larry Monczka, our special guest writer, is back to offer some basic photography tips to take your pictures from snapshots to wall-worthy. Analyzing photographs as a judge in photo competitions, I find myself noting certain shortcomings which recur again and again. So while inspiration may come to those with their heads in the clouds, consistently successful images only happen when the shutter-bug's feet are firmly planted on terra firma. It's a truism that the background should never draw so much visual attention to itself that the viewer's eye moves immediately towards it, without stopping to savor the centre of interest.
The eye tends to more readily accept a falling off into softness behind even a limited zone of crispness.
A frame that blocks the eye from entering the picture space because it is overpowering or blocks the subject it is meant to spotlight is bad enough. A similar situation involves a picture with superb light, illuminating the most banal subject matter. Finally, before you go any further, reflect on the fact that there may simply not be a picture worth capturing in front of you.
Yesterday, I went looking through last year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas posts to start sharing on social media for this year. First off, to give you an idea of where I’ve come from, I went back into the archives for a post from one of my first months of blogging.
I added the pencils to show what the purpose of the jar was, and then put the composition notebook underneath for added interest. However, Henry was sitting in the shot, and there was a lot of morning sun washing out the background.
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I will probably never venture off of Auto lol at least not right now until I take some type of class. The contents of this blog, including text, original photos and ideas are the sole property of the author. In the excitement of seeing a potential photo opportunity, the entry-level photographer tends to zero-in on the one element that first catches his eye. While it's true that a background can succeed merely by being neutral, a more interesting approach is to create a background that is subdued yet discreetly expressive. His articles on advanced and basic photography tips have been published in PhotoLife, Outdoor Photographer, Nature Photographer, and Shutterbug magazines. My husband is the photographer in the family so I am learning from him and fortunate that I have him to edit photos or correct my photos and he has good software that I’m slowly becoming accustomed to! It works in a pinch and is definitely better than my awful overhead lighting in my kitchen!
If you intend to use my text or images, please link back to this blog and give credit to 365(ish) Days of Pinterest. By its texture, pattern, subtleties of hue, and variations in tonality; by containing echoes of the line and shape of the main subject, a suitable background can reinforce and add to the impact of an image. With no time to search for a subject equal to the magical light, he snaps and hopes for the best. When we hunker down, collapse, or otherwise humble ourselves in an effort to portray the world at the level of our subjects, the visual universe unfolds as it should. And possibly the most important step you can take in your growth towards photographic excellence.
The amount of information out there can be overwhelming, but if you can focus on these three basic photography tips: Lighting, Composition, and Editing, you will begin to see a marked improvement in your photos.

I still need to buy better spot lights for it, but it comes in handy when the day gets away from me (especially now that it’s dark before 5! These occur because the photographer either didn't notice that he was shooting through nearby foreground material or because he hoped that the zone of sharpness would encompass everything from nearby to infinity. The aware photographer possesses a familiarity with potentially interesting visual scenarios on his home turf. In my own defense, I’m pretty sure my mom and a few of my personal Facebook friends were the only people reading my posts.
When sweet light appears, the centre of interest is on the same exalted plane—a true marriage. Don't bleed your pictures of those supplemental visual elements that can complement the centre of interest.
Start with a visually interesting subject, then work the foreground, middle ground and background to generate an inspired synergy based on the colour, form or mood suggested by the original subject. There’s so much to cover just when it comes to editing, that I may do another separate post about photo editing. Just think about what you are photographing and how it should be used, and try to create that in your image.
When I went back and re-shot the Perfect Giant Cookie Cake, I saw a huge boost in traffic to that post!

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