It is also far easier for the user to hit play on a 20 second video than it is for them to read 2000 words of text.But what are travellers searching for on YouTube?
Take them on a journey that will leave them wanting more, by spotlighting the culture and attractions of the destination, or appealing to their emotional needs and FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).Of course, if you’re an OTA selling a vast array of destinations worldwide it could be tricky to determine which destinations you should focus on. This is interesting when we consider the proliferation of amateur online travel bloggers in recent years, have they failed to make a dent on the YouTube audience?Well this doesn’t appear to be the case when we look at which channels attract the most subscribers; 48% of travel channel subscriptions go to travel video-bloggers (known as vloggers), compared with 19% for travel brands. Travel vloggers are also 4x more likely to gain social engagement, such as Likes, Comments, and Shares. You also have a much more creative control over the story you tell.Luckily modern technology has you covered, with the development of drone technology and more affordable camera equipment such as Go Pro, it’s possible to produce truly stunning videos of landscapes on a much lower budget.

Don’t forget that your audience is seeking an experience, so even if actors are involved the outcome should immerse the viewer into the story and is probably best told from the point-of-view of a traveller.You might even consider sponsoring a travel blogger, or even a lucky customer, to take a specific trip and review the experience on behalf of your brand.
This is a great way to maintain creative control of the project, while capturing real-life stories and retaining a level of authenticity.User-generated videos can still be a useful and cost-effective component to your online content strategy however, running alongside your more commercial endeavours. This is a great way of instantly engaging your website’s visitors and communicating your product.Embedding your video into a blog post and sharing on social media is a great way of getting your content seen while also generating traffic to your site, but make sure the video is at the forefront.
Make it clear in the title, for example “WATCH: The Top 10 Views of Italy”, and keep the video above the fold so the user can access it right away when they click through. Further down in the post you might consider including stills from the footage, just in case the viewer is unable to watch the entirety of the video.The ability to upload video directly to social media sites is a great way to post shorter, teaser-style clips, not to mention the perfect place to inspire User-Generated Content.

As well as Twitter and Facebook, one of the most popular platforms for travel content is Instagram, which allows uploads of videos up to 15 seconds long, and arguably has an extremely lifestyle-conscious audience – perfect for travel!

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