Helping Photographers and Aquarium Hobbyists improve their aquarium photography through tutorials, tips and an online class. One good thing about cameras suitable for aquarium photography is that you really don’t need anything special or overly elaborate as far as cameras go. As with anything digital, digital camera technology is continually changing and new camera models are being introduced to the market frequently which makes giving specific advice on camera models and features impossible. There are essentially two major categories of cameras that are suitable for photographing aquariums, fish and other aquatic subjects, point-and-shoot cameras and digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera bodies. Point-and-shoot cameras (sometimes called Compact Automatic Cameras) have come a long way since the advent of digital photography.
Digital point-and-shoot cameras are available in a really wide range of quality, performance and capabilities. Digital single lens reflex camera bodies (DSLR) are the best choice for anybody seriously interested in creating high quality photographs of their aquarium.
A remote control, cable release or some means of firing the camera’s shutter without having to touch the camera. If you’re shooting for the Associated Press, Reuters or Sports Illustrated, you’re pretty much as good as gold for getting a great shooting venue. Get over it, it’s a business and if the AP or SI can get a million viewers to see their published images, it’s great PR and free advertising. Just walk up to any videographer and ask them what Kelvin their white balance is, then set your camera accordingly. Well that’s it for now until I get some sports photos and the stories behind them written up for the “diaries” section of Lens Diaries™. Quick Reaction Timing, QRTShooting sports is great to condition the mind, hand and eyes for proper coordination in all photography. South Africa has many National Parks and private game reserves which have all of the Big 5 as well as well trained guides and a vast array of accommodation and safari options.
From inland savanah, to desert, forest and marine environments, South Africa has a huge selection of National Parks and private game reserves that are home to all the african wildlife you could hope to see, from Elephants to Whales.
Probably the best known of all is the Kruger National Park, covering an area of 2 million hectares, it contains a huge array of wildlife, including 147 species of mammals, 500 types of bird and 33 types of amphibian.

The birthplace of the famous Zulu king, Shaka is also the home of the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi National Park in the Natal province of South Africa and is another fantastic National Park that has Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Elephant and the Black Rhino as well as the White Rhino, Cheetah, Spotted Hyena, Hippopotamus and loads more.
A small point to note when planning your safari: Due to the decline in Black Rhino populations and the fact that they favour thicker bush over open planes, it has become very rare for people to spot these magnificent animals in the wild. In addition Safari-Guide have secured a 25 % discount off any other courses you may wish to purchase.
After your camera, a good pair of binoculars is crucial in getting the most out of your Safari Holiday. What I’ll do is just cover the basic camera functions and features and let you do the research as to which current camera models have the functions you want. For casual aquarium photographers, almost any mid to high range point-and-shoot camera will be adequate for general aquarium photography.
Although this is convenient, the optic quality of these lenses varies along with the quality of the overall camera. Seperate lenses are attached to the DSLR camera body via a bayonet mount and there are a vast array of lenses available which leads the DSLR camera system to be extraordinarily versatile. Know the rules, coaches don’t like their players bothered before the game anymore than during or after the game. Speaking of playoffs, most professional sports reduce the amount of photographers and videographers on the shooting venues, as the crowds fill the stadium or arena, space is tight, you’d be surprised how many additional seats are added for VIP’s and dignitaries ($$$) in place of a photographer’s shooting spot.
If you’re shooting for the local weekly rag with a paid circulation of 50,000 people, you’re better off purchasing some great seats, leaving your camera at home (as most professional sports games don’t allow fans to bring in professional cameras) and enjoying the game. In the professional leagues, for the league itself, the team and the owners it translates into more dollar sales of hats, t-shirts, and all those other walking, logo, billboard, overpriced things they love for you to spend your hard earned money on to make them wealthier. If it’s a local home game, get there early and start taking warm-up snaps and chimp till you get it right.
Photo Editing, Know the Difference - 149,451 viewsRembrandt Lighting Exposed In Photography - 51,363 viewsNikon 85mm vs. What about the cheetah most people want to see these graceful cats as much as a leopard or buffalo? As well as the habitats, South Africa has a wide choice of accommodation options, well trained safari guides and a colourful and diverse culture.

Many safari operators will advertise that they have all the "Big 5" on their reserve when actually they have the White Rhinoceros and not the black, so if you want to see the true Big 5 make sure the reserve you are visiting includes the Black Rhino! To take up this offer, simply e-mail WildlifeCampus with your login name and tell us that you're a Safari-Guide Referral. Today separate viewfinders are pretty-much a thing of the past and with most digital point-and-shoot cameras you compose your image on a LCD screen on the back of the camera. For DSLR cameras there is a lens available for pretty-much any conceivable photographic situation. If it’s a professional sports team, you have to coordinate in advance with the media director (in pro sports don’t confuse this with the public relations director) to speak to any player.
Understand that professional sports is a business, those athletes don’t get paid millions of dollars each year for nothing. As well as the big five, all the big game can be found here including white rhino, cheetah, hippo, Spotted Hyena, giraffe and many many more. The image on this LCD screen is being created by the same lens which is responsible for creating the image that will be captured in your final photograph. The Southern section of the Kruger National Park is the most popular as it has the richest diversity of habitats and animal life. Always be aware of your surroundings, the last thing you want to be known for is if a star player gets injured because you were in the way.
Worse case, ask a towel boy to hold a white towel for you to set your camera’s white balance. When you don’t use flash, especially at professional sports games, you’re usually at the mercy of the lights used for television, or television light grids.

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