Ariba is the maker of an eprocurement system that many large companies, organizations, governments, and universities use to manage their spend management and purchasing processes. Some organizations, such as Fortune 500 companies or large government entities, purchases their goods and services exclusively through these systems.
Using protocols defined by eprocurement systems like Ariba, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, SciQuest (and others), you create an online catalog specific to each organization.  The buyer can then browse their eprocurement system and find a link to your punchout catalog. Punchout catalogs are also referred to as CXML PunchOuts, punchout websites, punchout sites, and punchout enabled online catalogs. The greatest advantage of your PunchOut catalog is your ability to customize the experience to your customers needs.
That same capability also applies to the products you offer in each punchout catalog (for contract compliance). Finally you also want to have the flexibility to adjust the look and feel of the user experience, as well as the functionality.

A CIF catalog (catalog interchange format), is an uploaded catalog to the Ariba system that lists the basic information about your products. This makes is easier to manage and faster to implement each time you need to create a PunchOut connection.
Explore featured articles, videos, and reports about various topics related to B2B ecommerce. But, due to recent advances and improvements to the technology and increasing education and awareness, this is changing rapidly. This is particularly important for contract compliance, as well as your customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind. There is backend communication between the your PunchOut Catalog and the eprocurement system that processes an order quickly, easily, and accurately. In today’s competitive market, technology is making more of a difference than ever in vendor or supplier success.

For current customers who use eprocurement, tell your buyer representatives that you can make it easier for them to buy your products from within their system. When the buyer searches their system for a  product, your link to your PunchOut Catalog shows up.
The vendors that can supply a customized solution as an added value to their products are going to keep the loyal customers.As a supplier you have to be proactive and reach out to your prospects and customers. Not  sure where to start? These conversation will help you identify how to best use this capability in your specific situation.

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